All Things Twisted

Where to begin…..I love reading blogs, this blog world is an exciting place!
That’s why I’m launching the Twisted Silver blog. It’s focused on sharing lots of exciting fashion and design news with you.
Design is what I know – and writing has a similar feel to design. It all begins with a thought, so here goes….

My posts will cover all things “fashion”. This includes my thoughts on some
wonderful exhibitions that I have been fortunate enough to attend lately
in San Francisco (the only U.S. stop on their world tour)
• POIRET: KING OF FASHION exhibition at the Met in NYC.

The first thing most people want to know when they hear about my jewelry company is:
“Twisted Silver – great name! Tell me about it.”

The inspiration for the name came in response to my brother (a marketing wiz) who
encouraged (or rather badgered) me to find a name that says a little bit
about what I do (which is mostly either mashing, mangling, or
twisting silver). In the beginning I often used vintage pieces in my jewelry (quite often
silverware). I flattened, twisted, and morphed pieces into wearable and beautiful
jewelry. The name was just waiting there to emerge – Twisted Silver was born! You will still find hints of vintage silverware throughout the collections.
(You may not recognize them as such, but be on the lookout!)

Since those days, Twisted Silver has really evolved and is now something so much more. The roots of Twisted are still in place. My heart is still firmly
planted in all things cast off, forgotten, and – OH HOW I LOVE vintage or
anything with a bit of history! To roughly quote Vivienne Westwood as to her
design approach

“To simply pay attention to the common or average
will bring out its beauty”

That comment resonates with me. To design around something
overlooked or forgotten is truly what drives and inspires me. Respect for
the average or simple things in life – the basics – is what I do. I
suppose it will be the same as I write. So I hope you’ll join me as I
explore the world of fashionable blogging.