All Things Twisted

Where to begin…..I love reading blogs, this blog world is an exciting place!
That’s why I’m launching the Twisted Silver blog. It’s focused on sharing lots of exciting fashion and design news with you.
Design is what I know – and writing has a similar feel to design. It all begins with a thought, so here goes….

My posts will cover all things “fashion”. This includes my thoughts on some
wonderful exhibitions that I have been fortunate enough to attend lately
in San Francisco (the only U.S. stop on their world tour)
• POIRET: KING OF FASHION exhibition at the Met in NYC.

The first thing most people want to know when they hear about my jewelry company is:
“Twisted Silver – great name! Tell me about it.”

The inspiration for the name came in response to my brother (a marketing wiz) who
encouraged (or rather badgered) me to find a name that says a little bit
about what I do (which is mostly either mashing, mangling, or
twisting silver). In the beginning I often used vintage pieces in my jewelry (quite often
silverware). I flattened, twisted, and morphed pieces into wearable and beautiful
jewelry. The name was just waiting there to emerge – Twisted Silver was born! You will still find hints of vintage silverware throughout the collections.
(You may not recognize them as such, but be on the lookout!)

Since those days, Twisted Silver has really evolved and is now something so much more. The roots of Twisted are still in place. My heart is still firmly
planted in all things cast off, forgotten, and – OH HOW I LOVE vintage or
anything with a bit of history! To roughly quote Vivienne Westwood as to her
design approach

“To simply pay attention to the common or average
will bring out its beauty”

That comment resonates with me. To design around something
overlooked or forgotten is truly what drives and inspires me. Respect for
the average or simple things in life – the basics – is what I do. I
suppose it will be the same as I write. So I hope you’ll join me as I
explore the world of fashionable blogging.


7 thoughts on “All Things Twisted

  1. W-O-W! Excited to hear more about Twisted Silver and the behind the scenes look at your inspirations. Feel like I have a backstage pass : )

    Hello Cindy,

    A behind the scenes look at us is one of my main reasons for doing this- Enjoy your backstage pass! Deb

  2. I love hearing about the brains behind the beauty of Twisted Silver! The design and creativity seem to be endless. I can’t wait to see what’s next…

    Hi Dixie,

    The brains behind the beauty- I love it:) I will keep you posted on all of the latest and greatest now with ease-

    Thanks, Deb

  3. The new website is absolutely FABULOUS! It is so great to read about your insights and inspirations. This will be Great!!

    SO glad you love the new twisted-silver website, thanks Melanie- it has been a labor of love!~ I will keep it coming- so please stay tuned! Deb

  4. From my blog to yours…

    “I’ve been lucky enough to discover a new infusion [of creative energy] through others in the last month. Many of these people or even places also inspired me for their entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to take risks. I have taken on too many personal responsibilities to strike out on my own in a similar fashion, so I admire the ability to do so all the more in others. Here’s just a taste of the artists and artistry I’ve had the joy of encountering of late…

    “…Twisted Silver – Far more fashionable folks than yours truly have already discovered this jewelry line. But in a fortuitous twist of timing, I happened to be in a fantastic boutique called orghipchick in Livermore, Calif. (of all places) when the designer, Debra Mitchell, stopped by to drop off more goodies… including the Swiss Army ring I’ve been wearing almost every day for the last week. I took off an antique white gold and diamond ring to wear brass, people. Her stuff is that cool.”

  5. Hi Twisted Silver lovers!

    I myself own the bling convertible necklace/belt and a matching bracelet. The reason I bought these were because I went to Macy’s Passports 2006 (a yearly fashion show) and I wanted beautiful affordable jewelry. While wearing a very bright turquoise dress it seemed to me that all the people I met only noticed my JEWELRY! I must have repeated the name of the jewelry line dozens of times. There is nothing in my jewelry box like it. It makes such an impression on people because of the alternating chain styles, the spoon flatware accent, and unique beads.

    You will not believe who I saw today. This lady was walking in downtown Livermore with handfulls of Twisted Silver necklaces. I thought either she was just as excited as me about the jewelry and had bought in bulk or she was the creater. I stopped her and asked if she was the line’s creator and it was! Her name is Debra Mitchell. She was very nice lady and gave me her card and told me about the website. Now that I’ve visited the website I know I will purchase something from the beatnik bling line next!!! =)

    Kudos to you Debra,
    Kendra Silberman

    What fun it was to meet you too Kendra! I was heading to my favorite haunt ORGHIPCHICK, thanks for stopping me. I so love hearing stories like yours- thanks for sharing! I tell people that they need to be in the mood to talk to people when they decide to wear Twisted Silver;)
    PS- have you gone to my site lately- I am gathering a database of loyal Twisted fans through a sign up- AND the best part is you will get a free pair of my Lithe earrings (super lightweight and hip) I will watch for your name to come through:) Hope to run into you again:) Deb

  6. I, too, have been fortunate enough to come across Twisted Silver and I LOVE IT!!! I have never considered myself a girlie-girl and until very recently I have never been very interested in jewelry. But now that I have been introduced to Twisted Silver, I can’t wait to accessorize! These pieces are so fun and when I wear them I think to myself “I feel like a girl now!” I am a hip gal when I’ve got my Twisted Silver on and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thanks Debra . . . I look forward to adding to my collection!

  7. I just love hearing that! I am a bit that way too- I am not what I would consider girly-girl either, I have never been into sparkle or too much color- but I do love simple modern designs, and I adore metals of All kinds- it is the combination of those two elements that work for me- we must have that in common! So happy to hear your comments Kelly- thanks! Deb

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