Twisted Police Concert

In 1984 I saw The Police in concert, Synchronicity Tour, at The Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. The warm-ups were Stevie Ray Vaughn and Brian Adams… with “warm-ups” like that, you Know it will be a good concert. Helicopters flew over the stadium dumping roses out into the crowd of 60,000 or so, if I recall. The Police were at the top of their game, in the peak of their career. Incredible to say the least!

Now more than 20 years later The Police have re-united for one last tour, and last night my husband and saw them at Oakland Coliseum. The anticipation of what they might sound like, look like, preform like, was thick in the air among the heavy crowds all desperately trying to get in to the parking lot (which it turns out was full anyway) We were able to get in to the stadium at the time that The Police entered the stage- and in the 2nd song got in to our seats!

Wow, I was surprised how great they sounded after all these years. They certainly looked like a different band, although Sting has aged so well, and still the coolest man on the planet. I heard about the early reviews of the tour, including reviews written by their very own iconic drummer Stewart Copeland, saying basically that they stunk. I think the feeling was that maybe they had lost it. It did seem to me that a lot of the songs were written in a lower key, and I missed hearing Sting sing so many of his high notes, but now that I am seeing them several shows after the tour start, it is clear that these seasoned musicians have taken the concert tour curve and they appeared to be in their groove again.

My favorite part of the concert aside from Roxeanne (just as I remembered it) was when Sting was singing about being a young apprentice, and as he did it he looked out at the crowd with a big shrug and a smile.

1984 Police/2007 Police: The sound is basically the same, the look is a bit more distinguished, the crowd is a lot more distinguished, But for the most part (If I closed my eyes) they were The Police I knew and loved in my twenties! The Police with a Twist:)


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