Modern Jewelry Trend

On Friday I was in Los Angeles for the day, and as I have said before I love L.A. to people and trend watch…. especially during market, when designers from around the country converge.

The reason for my quick trip was the California Gift Market.  My Southern California Rep was showing my line for the first time and I wanted to see the rythm and flow of it all, which I saw, and along with that I saw jewelry, maybe more jewelry than I have seen in a lifetime!

Because this is a wholesale show it is for the trade only, it is a glimpse of what is to come.

Row after row of fine, custom, trend, handmade, eco friendly jewelry (like juice pouch bangles).  I saw sterling buddas and lots of prayer beads and other religious varieties of bling (a trend in jewelry that I predict is on its way out.) There were a lot of common lines with the always beautiful but typical gemstones and swarovski crystals that were so hot about four years ago. But what I was so happy to see were the fantastic lines that are out of the box.  Designers that are really designing something, using either materials or composition with a unique twist. I will share some of the highlights:

One of the lines that I love is Sepia.  The designer Karina has foreign roots and it comes through in this very hip line of very modern and diverse line of metals, plastics, and glass.  Her website is wholesale only, but you can get a feel for it on the homepage (

Metal Pointus – I just love it- everything about it.  Fresh, clean, modern, and recycled!

A very small but great line is Retimade.  I do so love glass, and her modern lines, and distinct scale and colors really stand out.  ( it may not be up yet- but hopefully will be soon)

Another incredible line is by a designer named Juvida. I will give you her web address when I track it down. She has a new leaf line that really appeals to me- very substantial pieces but airy and so hip….AND this funky rubber belt line that I will write more about later.

All in all, the trend seems to be going modern.  Very streamlined and sheek is the look.    Yes, I do love jewelry, and have a true appreciation for artists that are just doing their thing!


Aprons, Smocks, and Babydolls

Over a year ago- Summer 2006, I was sitting in the Style Network, How Do I Look offices in Southern California. I had arrived a bit early for an appointment, and had some time in the lobby. Time to people watch. I knew at this particular location that I would spot the latest trend. A lot of people did come and go, but not staff. I saw a lot of what I thought looked like very attractive housekeeping, and set designers, since everyone I saw seemed to have on an apron or smock of some sort.

It took me a while, but in time I had this random thought “What if this smock and apron thing is the new look?”.

So of course, the very first thing I did after getting back to my northern California home is Google it. I discovered that this look was the very latest. People were talking about it, Vera Wang was designing it, and I knew that it was sure to be found in my neck of the woods within months. Which it was, and now over a year later the look is everywhere. You see all types of smocks, baby dolls, and aprons being worn, often over jeans, leggings, and tights. They are so sweet looking, and so hip, but never could I have imagined pre-2006 that this apron over jeans thing would actually ever be a fashion statement.

The other day I was thinking about this and wondering “what will the next big trend wave be?” After this last experience I am leaving it way open. Have you seen a new trend emerging? I would love to hear!

GRAMMY Surprises Unveiled

This has been quite a week! It began with my do everything assistant Liz going on a well deserved vacation with her family, and having a GRAMMY deadline looming. Deadline is met so as promised….

I mentioned in a earlier Blog that I would give more details, so this is what I can say so far….. I was contacted in April by GRAMMY to see if I would be interested in participating in their annual Starry Night event. As always they are putting gift bags together for the who’s who of the event, and the super who’s who (presenters and performers) Since we have worked closely and very well in the past, we came up with a plan. A really good plan…

Selected are the brand new BUBBLES bracelet (hand forged bubbles bracelet in brass) which will be featured in over 250 swag bags, and the DRAGON CELEBRATION, (a lovely and incredible 6 feet of gold box chain with removable dragon) that has so many options….long necklace- short necklace-belt. This one is classic Twisted Silver because of the convertible aspects! Also the show stopping ring KNOT (current line

So watch for the likes of Oprah, Natasha Bettingfield, among many others sporting Twisted in the upcoming months and years. (Pictures for these will be available online as soon ) I will keep you posted as I know more!

I have loved being a part of these exciting events, but as always it is the individuals along the way that make it all worthwhile. Isn’t life good!

Fabulous Boutiques

Is it just me, or are specialty clothing boutiques getting better… and more plentiful? It is a type of shopping that has not always interested me. In the past, I felt (in general) the variety is slim, the prices are high, and with sales associates giving you the once over, I just wanted to move on. Happening upon just the right boutique for me rarely happened, and when it did I was on vacation, far from home, never to return again~

The whole experience has evolved. After having lived through the heat of the mass produced everything I have finally reached my limit, and it seems I am not alone, from the numbers of clothing boutiques springing up all around me- of all varieties- women, men, children, and pets are all covered in great little boutiques catering just to the customer. (Not to mention the great online boutiques)

I am now a full blown boutique shopper- mainly thanks to my favorite nearby boutiques. I just love a little shop in Pleasanton called Passionate Athlete. I head downtown now, instead of the mall, every time I need a gift, or some Keen shoes, or a swimsuit or……. etc…

And Oh, how I adore OrgHipChick! (it is online too! This boutique opened on a quiet little main street in Livermore California, in 2005. Surrounded by vineyards, a small Mayberry type town was not exactly the type of town I would expect this boutique in, but the owner, Tanya Tyson, saw the master plan of the city and knew it would fit perfectly- she was right- only 2 years later and that sleepy little town has grown and developed in to a hip, and thriving jewel of a place.

OrgHipChick if I had to define it is Ballerina meets Berkeley (the name came from Organic Hip Chick) It has so many lines that I love, like:

Velvet * Splendid * Ella Moss * True Religion * Pete *( and my new favorite) Wednesday*.

Tanya seems to be buying just for me! Everything is soft (yes everything!) and sophisticated- Her inventory in constantly updating and growing. Her staff is efficient and helpful, and the second you walk in the door you know you want to stay! I was in the shop the other day, when a random customer exclaimed “I JUST LOVE THIS STORE”….I couldn’t have said it better!

I would love hearing about your favorite boutiques, and clothing lines- Please share:)