Fabulous Boutiques

Is it just me, or are specialty clothing boutiques getting better… and more plentiful? It is a type of shopping that has not always interested me. In the past, I felt (in general) the variety is slim, the prices are high, and with sales associates giving you the once over, I just wanted to move on. Happening upon just the right boutique for me rarely happened, and when it did I was on vacation, far from home, never to return again~

The whole experience has evolved. After having lived through the heat of the mass produced everything I have finally reached my limit, and it seems I am not alone, from the numbers of clothing boutiques springing up all around me- of all varieties- women, men, children, and pets are all covered in great little boutiques catering just to the customer. (Not to mention the great online boutiques)

I am now a full blown boutique shopper- mainly thanks to my favorite nearby boutiques. I just love a little shop in Pleasanton called Passionate Athlete. I head downtown now, instead of the mall, every time I need a gift, or some Keen shoes, or a swimsuit or……. etc…

And Oh, how I adore OrgHipChick! (it is online too! http://www.orghipchick.com) This boutique opened on a quiet little main street in Livermore California, in 2005. Surrounded by vineyards, a small Mayberry type town was not exactly the type of town I would expect this boutique in, but the owner, Tanya Tyson, saw the master plan of the city and knew it would fit perfectly- she was right- only 2 years later and that sleepy little town has grown and developed in to a hip, and thriving jewel of a place.

OrgHipChick if I had to define it is Ballerina meets Berkeley (the name came from Organic Hip Chick) It has so many lines that I love, like:

Velvet * Splendid * Ella Moss * True Religion * Pete *( and my new favorite) Wednesday*.

Tanya seems to be buying just for me! Everything is soft (yes everything!) and sophisticated- Her inventory in constantly updating and growing. Her staff is efficient and helpful, and the second you walk in the door you know you want to stay! I was in the shop the other day, when a random customer exclaimed “I JUST LOVE THIS STORE”….I couldn’t have said it better!

I would love hearing about your favorite boutiques, and clothing lines- Please share:)


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Boutiques

  1. Spot on. Cool boutiques are even starting to creep into the savvier malls around here, like NorthPark in Dallas. Most of those unfortunately carry $200 t-shirts as their “most affordable” items… but at least they are popping up and thriving! I hope that’s a sign of things to come…

  2. Wow Maggie, that will make mall shopping more fun! You know that reminds me, when Nordstrom picked up Twisted Silver it was for their own boutique within the store – is the department called National Trend…? Yes, it really is happening all over!

  3. You have more news to share : ) – the upcoming sale spectacular taking place at White Crane Winery in Livermore, California on July 28th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This fabulous fashion day soiree is a must! East bay Boutiques & Designers galore and 50-80% off name brands such as Velvet, DaNang, Splendid, True Religion. Ella Moss, Pete, Ed Hardy and that’s just to name a few! Plus Miss deb – you’ll be there as well. Great meet and greet for Twisted Silver. For more information or futher details- folks can contact orghipchick at sales@orghipchick or by calling 925 294 4150. Oh and wait there is more…. after the shopping – White Crane Winery will be hosting a concert in the vineyard from 11-8. hmmm… wonder if I’ll have an opportunity to change into my new wardrobe before the concert begins : ) http://whitecranewinery.com/

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