GRAMMY Surprises Unveiled

This has been quite a week! It began with my do everything assistant Liz going on a well deserved vacation with her family, and having a GRAMMY deadline looming. Deadline is met so as promised….

I mentioned in a earlier Blog that I would give more details, so this is what I can say so far….. I was contacted in April by GRAMMY to see if I would be interested in participating in their annual Starry Night event. As always they are putting gift bags together for the who’s who of the event, and the super who’s who (presenters and performers) Since we have worked closely and very well in the past, we came up with a plan. A really good plan…

Selected are the brand new BUBBLES bracelet (hand forged bubbles bracelet in brass) which will be featured in over 250 swag bags, and the DRAGON CELEBRATION, (a lovely and incredible 6 feet of gold box chain with removable dragon) that has so many options….long necklace- short necklace-belt. This one is classic Twisted Silver because of the convertible aspects! Also the show stopping ring KNOT (current line

So watch for the likes of Oprah, Natasha Bettingfield, among many others sporting Twisted in the upcoming months and years. (Pictures for these will be available online as soon ) I will keep you posted as I know more!

I have loved being a part of these exciting events, but as always it is the individuals along the way that make it all worthwhile. Isn’t life good!


4 thoughts on “GRAMMY Surprises Unveiled

  1. Yea! Congrats on the repeat performance with the Grammy swag bags. Can’t wait to see who gets their Twisted on next!

  2. Just a note to let you know that I appreciate you letting your assistant go for a bit. I had the pleasure of spending a little time — not nearly enough — with her and her family (my son-in-law and grandsons). You guys are really looking good! Love the website . . . keep up the good work!

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