Home Depot Drama

Continued 4th in Design Mom series:

Home Depot Drama — by Guest Mom Debra Mitchell

With school quickly approaching I am having flashbacks from a traumatic school related incident that happened in the Spring. When summer hit, I thought I had put this crazy experience behind me, but no. I guess I just finally need to deal with it, what better way than share it.

To explain what a big deal this was to me, until this incident happened, Home Depot was one of my favorite design inspiration spots. I love utilitarian hardware, and obscure and random findings. But I will never go back after this experience. Also, this might just be the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me — so you may not want to read it. On the other hand, feel free to enjoy a chuckle at my expense.

Ok. So I was in charge of buying supplies for the 4th grade Gold Rush (panning for gold) activity. That included buying 200 lbs of sand and 100 lbs of pebbles. I went to Home Depot and put in my cart the bags of sand and pebbles with the help of a red vest employee. At the same time I was working on getting the final touches to my website and was in the middle of a phone conference with 3 other people. Phone to my ear, it all went very smoothly through checkout — until I pushed my cart out. At the exit, there was a 1″ raised area on the ground, where the pavement didn’t match up. Normally a shopping cart just bumps right over it, but I found out too late that 300lbs doesn’t just bump over anything.

This is what happened: my cart hit the (1”) wall, causing the sand and pebbles to shift to the front of the cart, causing the back wheels to lift off the ground.

So I stood there, phone still at my ear sounding as natural as I could while bracing, and holding on to the 300lbs that was soon going to go flipping out of the cart. At the same time, I am desperately trying to catch the attention of anyone that would come and help me hold on to the cart — but the 2 men in line near me just stood there with gaping mouths. I could almost see the thought bubbles over their heads saying “Wow, that shopping cart is going to flip over any second.” But no one helped! And then just as I expected, the last bag flipped forward, causing the weight to shift again, this time with such force it took the cart out of my hands. Then. . .

(This is the unbelievable part. And I risk causing some of you to think that I am not telling the truth, in fact it even made my husband, a physicist/engineer, take an academic look at it, but now all he can say is how“impressed” he is by the physics of it all.) As the cart flipped forward, one of the bottom wheels grabbed me right between the legs — lifting. The next thing I knew I was in the air. And like it goes with situations like this, everything went in slow motion, and I saw my own thought bubbles as I distinctly remember myself thinking, “My feet aren’t on the ground, I wonder what will happen next?”

At that point I’m not sure if I flipped over or just catapulted over the cart, but I was over the cart one way or another. Bruised legs and 6 feet from my purse and phone (which I should never have been on in the first place) as the 2 men continued to stand there — probably trying to believe what just happened. FINALLY someone came to help, quickly trying to get me out, I noticed. And there I stood shaking and disoriented in the parking lot, heart beating so fast. I did find my way home but I was amazed that almost an hour later my heart was still beating hard. I have since been so thankful that it wasn’t 7 years ago when I most certainly would have had a child in the seat in the cart!)

So there it is in black and white. I’m relaxing already. I think I am ready to move on.


Random Giveaway: Twisted Silver

4th part in the Design Mom series (Go to http://www.designmom.com to enter the $400 Twisted Silver Drawing)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Giveaway: $400 at Twisted Silver Jewelry

I think I should warn you: it’s a really big Giveaway today. Really big. You may want to grip your mouse a little harder to keep to stable. Or practice some deep breathing excercises. Our Guest Mom this week, Debra Mitchell, is having so much fun hanging out at the Design Mom blog that she wanted her company, Twisted Silver Jewelry, to sponsor a Giveaway. She started picking out pieces and almost couldn’t stop. And now, one lucky winner will receive $400 in GOODS FROM TWISTED SILVER JEWELRY!

The winner will receive:
Diva Necklace, $50
Hepburn Earrings, $50
Rope Bracelet, $50
Horse Bit Convertible Belt/Necklace, $120
Bongo Earrings ,$30
-Plus. A $100 Twisted Silver Gift Certificate to spend as she pleases!!!

I’m not even joking.

Can you believe how pretty these pieces are? Winning this would be like getting a complete jewelry makeover. And new jewelry is such a smart way to try out new looks, to reinvent yourself or refresh a tired wardrobe.
Debra knows it’s kind of a bummer that there can only be one winner, so she put together four fabulous deals that any Design Mom Reader can take advantage of to get their Twisted fix:

1) $20 off on ANY Twisted product.

That includes the Beatnik Bracelet which sells for $30. Heavy duty chain, wonderful oversized clasp, and the Twisted Disc that they are known for. You will love wearing it!

$20 off also includes the Knot Ring which sells for $40. This is the ring for you if you like making a fashion statement. Large heavy duty band and design in antiqued brass. Debra says this ring might as well be glued to her finger!

2) $75.00 off KEY Necklace
The Key Necklace sells for $150. And it’s all about Recycle*Re-use*Re-invent. This authentic vintage skeleton key was a forgotten treasure, gathering dust until it was surrounded by this fabulous design of brass, silver, resin, and wood. This piece is classic Twisted Silver, boutique jewelry at its fine/funkiest!

3) $50.00 off TRINKET Necklace
The Trinket Necklace sells for $110. Oh the charms of Summer. . . Winter, Spring, Fall, and every vacation in between. This necklace is truly collected, no two are exactly alike. Add your own charms and the necklace just gets better and better.

4) $30 off BUBBLES Bracelet
The Bubbles Bracelet sells for $60. Hand forged brass design with wonderful chunky brass chain and fun swivel clasp- topped off with a signature Twisted disc. People have offered to buy this one right off Debra’s write!

So many deals. Some many baubles. Too much fun! Twisted Silver bends over frontwards and backwards to not only create what their customers consider to be the most desirable jewelry, but also provide unsurpassed quality and service. They are a wonderful company to do business with.

Thank you Debra. Thank you Twisted Silver!

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries about how to take advantage of the discounts. Here are instructions:
Click on the discount link in the text of this post (like where is says: $30 off BUBBLES Bracelet). The discount is with you then and will follow you until you end your transaction. When you enter your purchase, it will show up at check out, reflected on the total. If you’d like to use more than one discount, you’ll just need to make separate transactions. Any questions? Just email the very helpful Debra at: twistedsilver [at] comcast [dot[ net


Random Giveaway Guidelines: (go to designmom.com to enter)
-You have until midnight PST on Sunday, August 26th to enter this giveaway.
-Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter — any comment.
-Anonymous comments will be ignored/removed.
-One entry per person, please.
-The winner will be randomly picked and announced Monday morning.


http://www.DesignMom.com series -#3

A fun surprise a few weeks ago: my daughter Kaija (10), niece Sophie (10), and I went to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit family that includes their girl cousins. The surprise part was that I had no idea how beautiful and interesting it is there! My sister, Dixie, moved there recently and her family has loved it, but since I have never been to The South, the stereotypes (want them or not), were really all I had to go on. What was hard for me to understand was why had I never heard how incredibly lush and lovely it is there?! The charms of the South definitely outweigh any negatives.

Charm #1: We loved seeing the neat little town of Hot Springs, there must be at least 10 actual Bath Houses in a row. Most of them are under renovation, but what a trip it was to go inside and see how they operate. Do you know that people in the 1800’s would travel across the world to go to those healing baths. Syphilis was a big reason they would go — can you imagine?!

Charm #2: If you ever happen to be in this neck of the woods make sure you go to the best amusement park I have ever been to — besides Disneyland. It is called Magic Springs. A good variety f fun rides. Lots of shade. Short lines. Good food. All of the girls had a great day, and so did the parents!

Charm #3: Of course we went to Graceland — a highlight for me since I love Elvis! Wow. To see those incredible costumes up close — he really had unique and fantastic personal style — although the home décor made me giggle. (Come on Elvis, The Jungle Room, what were you thinking?) My niece Sophie was cute, she made sure to pack her “Elvis Pants” a fantastic pair of silver lamé stretch pants, and then when the camera came out she transformed into a 10 year old version of Girl Elvis with the wiggle hips and snear. I think we may all be joining the Elvis Fan Club now!

But the best charm of all was seeing those cousins after being apart for a whole year! The 5 girls were glued to the hip the whole week, reconnected again. The joy of summer! What fun, unexpected surprises have you had this summer?

Good to Great Summer


Part 2 of the Design Mom series)

I love summer. The kids are home, and now that they are big (10, 13, & 17yrs) even the house stays somewhat clean, due to the summer chore schedule. I love the freedom of no school. Although they don’t beg to take outings with me the way they use to, and are going in different directions (jobs, swim team, football practice), we have a lot more relaxed time together than during the school year.  

This summer went from being good to great when we adopted a little Shih Tzu. 12 lbs and 3 years old. My sweet daughter Kaija (10) finally convinced dad that she needed a dog — it took almost 10 years! This dog was worth the wait.  

We adopted through the Toy Breed Rescue in the Bay Area in CA. Humphrey was rescued by these good people from a horrid puppy mill in Missouri. The rescuers brought as many as they could back to California after touring this decrepit and soon to be shut down mill. These dogs were in wall to wall rabbit hutches, dirty and confined there day after day, fed only enough to keep them alive. They were rescued, cleaned, spayed/neutered, caught up on shots and micro-chipped. Finally, with so much care, Toy Breed Rescue “interrogated” potential owners — doing their best to find just the right loving home for the dogs — all for the love of these little animals! They are such kind hearted organization. I am so glad there are people like that in this world!  

It comes as no surprise to me that the perfect dog for our family came from such a situation — with a rough past. As I was thinking about it, it is the same way I design. I am most inspired by the obscure or forgotten things in life. Hidden treasure really drives me. To roughly quote Vivienne Westwood: “by simply paying attention to something will bring out its beauty.” So yes, Humphrey, our hidden treasure, was just waiting for us!  

Humphrey is such a sweet dog — quickly learning how to walk on a leash, and house trained almost immediately. He follows me everywhere I go, and sits at my feet as I work. He’s learning to play and is even sitting on the kids laps. This small, bowlegged bundle of fur has made quite an impact on us. He just wants to make us happy and fit in. Which he has!

I would love to hear what hidden treasures turned your summer from good to great!

Design Mom: Giveaways and Discounts

This is the beginning in a series of Twisted Silver posts for the popular http://www.designmom.com blog: (Design Mom is hosting a $400 Twisted Giveaway this week- http://www.designmom.com)

Some fun discounts for Design Mom and Twisted-blog readers-

20% off on ANY Twisted product http://www.on2url.com/app/adtrack.asp?MerchantID=105301&AdID=332166

$75.00 off KEY Necklace

$50.00 off TRINKET Necklace

$30.00% off BUBBLES Bracelet


Design Mom

I’ve been invited to be the guest mom/designer on the popular Design Mom blog. Creator Gabrielle Blair is a designer/art director and mother of five, says “I post on where design and motherhood intersect”, and so will I from Monday to Friday Aug 20-25. It is a lively and interesting community with great tips and specials throughout- check it out http://www.designmom.com

And so I will be posting each day about design, motherhood (or both), 2 of my favorite topics. I will also be adding these posts to my Twisted-Blog for you all to read if you have an interest in knowing me and my jewelry a bit more personally. But the best part of all, will be the special coupons and discounts that will be thrown in as an enticement to read, post, and or buy some Twisted Silver jewelry!

I hope you will stay tuned because next week is going to be a lot of fun!

Post #1 Design Mom

t’s always a delight to introduce and welcome a Guest Mom or Dad. And today is no exception. Please welcome Debra Mitchell to Design Mom! I met Debra through email. She sent me a link to her jewelry site and blog.I loved her work and wrote a post about it here. We exchanged a few emails and it was clear that she would be a terrific Guest Mom.

Here is the bio from Debra’s website:
“My ideas and inspiration come from the most unexpected places, from mailrooms to hardware stores to memories of my grandmother’s jewelry box. I can’t stay in one place for too long. Change and surprise drive my creativity.”

With a college degree in fashion and a career as a Fashion Coordinator, Debra (now a wife and mother of 3) put all things fashion on hold to raise a family, “The best use of my efforts by far!” But when her children were in school full time, “I started creating again, and this time it led me from silverware wind chimes to jewelry…who knew?!” So Twisted Silver was born!

Twisted Silver pieces which are often selected to be a part of GRAMMY and other prominent events, are adored by a distinctive group of celebrities, regularly featured in a variety of popular style publications, network program events, and a favorite of the popular Style Network show” How do I Look”! “The bottom line is that I create jewelry that can be worn in a variety of ways, good quality jewelry that I love, and I am so happy that others love to wear it too!”

Welcome Debra!! We’re so glad you’re here.

PS — If you subscribed at Twisted Silver after reading the earlier post and received the free pair of lithe earrings, Debra would love to hear how you like them. And if you didn’t, it isn’t too late. Debra is still sending them out, so go and get a pair! Just visit Twisted Silver and a subscriber box will pop up after about a minute.


A topic that always interests me is fashion- I enjoy following trends, but even more than that, I just LOVE seeing something new. I really appreciate unique style. I can remember the time and place I see something new, it really makes an impact on me.

This started at a young age. I remember a friend whose mother had hair an inch long- She was heavy set and said that she kept it short as a punishment for not losing weight. All I could think was that she had such an outstanding look of her own.

Even farther back I remember my ballet teacher, (she reminded of me of Samantha on Bewitched) wore ballet slippers and footless tights outside of class- a popular look now, but it was completely unique in the early 70’s.

My Aunt Riitta. A former Finnish fashion model in the 60’s and 70’s always looked great to me- her style was so foreign and so wonderful to me! I can still see Riitta wearing her bold Marimekko print smock with a super long silver chain with over-sized heart charm.

These impressions from so long ago are still so vivid in my mind. And my appreciation continues on as I see new looks. I know so many of you feel the same- we all know people who have their own style. Please share with me!

I found this website/blog and they love the individual too: Here is a great chance see unique style or send in yourself or someone with unique style! I love individuals just being themselves- Great website I just had to share: http://www.WhoWhatWearDaily.com They also have Blog on myspace myspace.com/whowhatwear

Myspace Muse Applicant InstructionsWhoWhatWear Daily is accepting applicants for future features on stylish myspace gals. If you or someone you know has a great sense of style, submit the following:1.Five full length photos that exhibit the individual’s personal style.2.Link to candidate’s myspace page.3.Candidate’s email to answer interview questions.Email the above to: allison@whowhatweardaily.com and/or jessica@whowhatweardaily.com We are always accepting candidates, so there are no deadlines. Below is an example of a post on a past myspace muse, Harley. Click the image to read her interview.10 years ago, with 3 great little kids and hair all the way to my waist~ long hair was “In” but short hair was still something I admired.~ So I used very short hair as a reward, for losing my baby weight…Reward? Yes, a reward it is!

Recycle, Re-use, Rescue Fashion Trend

In the spirit of all things Twisted Silver, discovering beauty in overlooked or discarded objects is the very thing that drives my creative abilities. I am not alone, there is new wave of fashion designers emerging doing just that. This type of designer uses anything that inspires them from old seat belts to rubber tires. What is born of them is often something fresh and distinctive.

One great example is http://www.carryatunepurses.com where the designer uses old record albums and create useful and funky purses.

I absolutely love the designer Fiftyrx3 http://fiftyrx3.blogspot.com/2006/07/ting-london-recycled-accessories.html

This East Village NYC designer uses old clothing in her clothing creations http://www.auh2odesigns.com/tops.php

Another favorite of mine is Daniel Freitag – you can find his designs all over the web. He designs with everything from PVC, to trucktarps, making great purses and all sorts of other treasures.

Little Earth is a great company, using license plates and bottle caps http://shop.littlearth.com/s.nl/it.A/id.22/.f

Recycle, re-use, rescue…whatever you want to call it is the very thing that drives my creative abilities. Nothing is more precious to me than finding a discarded or cast off gem. The old and dustier the better. Finding anything that brings comments from others such as “What on earth will you do with THIS?” “What is this anyway?” or my favorite “Why would you be interested in this?” Those comments tell me that I am on the right track.

The process of paying attention to something overlooked and nudging it in to something useful and stylish is a thrill. The more I love an object the more attention I pay, the more beautiful it becomes, and so it goes.

If you take a look back to the roots of Twisted Silver you can see that this is how it began. The ROCKER Necklace is an old silverware spoon.  http://www.twisted-silver.com/default.asp?256n675=qrsn7y6_241q7p6_qr5p4v26v10&c41q7p65gB2r5_VQ=F&c41q7p65_VQ=M There was a time that the second hand stores couldn’t give the silverware away (not the case anymore since designers have “discovered” their beauty). In the necklace this “junk” takes on a new value.

Three reasons that this ROCKER Necklace is beloved AND I think the main reasons people are going for the eco-friendly designs:

1-the funky look 2- the link to the past 3- “one of a kind” nature and “nobody else has it” mentality many of us have in this mass produced world.

Whatever the reasons, I am happy to be doing what I am doing and I just love that others are doing the same!