Recycle, Re-use, Rescue Fashion Trend

In the spirit of all things Twisted Silver, discovering beauty in overlooked or discarded objects is the very thing that drives my creative abilities. I am not alone, there is new wave of fashion designers emerging doing just that. This type of designer uses anything that inspires them from old seat belts to rubber tires. What is born of them is often something fresh and distinctive.

One great example is where the designer uses old record albums and create useful and funky purses.

I absolutely love the designer Fiftyrx3

This East Village NYC designer uses old clothing in her clothing creations

Another favorite of mine is Daniel Freitag – you can find his designs all over the web. He designs with everything from PVC, to trucktarps, making great purses and all sorts of other treasures.

Little Earth is a great company, using license plates and bottle caps

Recycle, re-use, rescue…whatever you want to call it is the very thing that drives my creative abilities. Nothing is more precious to me than finding a discarded or cast off gem. The old and dustier the better. Finding anything that brings comments from others such as “What on earth will you do with THIS?” “What is this anyway?” or my favorite “Why would you be interested in this?” Those comments tell me that I am on the right track.

The process of paying attention to something overlooked and nudging it in to something useful and stylish is a thrill. The more I love an object the more attention I pay, the more beautiful it becomes, and so it goes.

If you take a look back to the roots of Twisted Silver you can see that this is how it began. The ROCKER Necklace is an old silverware spoon. There was a time that the second hand stores couldn’t give the silverware away (not the case anymore since designers have “discovered” their beauty). In the necklace this “junk” takes on a new value.

Three reasons that this ROCKER Necklace is beloved AND I think the main reasons people are going for the eco-friendly designs:

1-the funky look 2- the link to the past 3- “one of a kind” nature and “nobody else has it” mentality many of us have in this mass produced world.

Whatever the reasons, I am happy to be doing what I am doing and I just love that others are doing the same!


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