A topic that always interests me is fashion- I enjoy following trends, but even more than that, I just LOVE seeing something new. I really appreciate unique style. I can remember the time and place I see something new, it really makes an impact on me.

This started at a young age. I remember a friend whose mother had hair an inch long- She was heavy set and said that she kept it short as a punishment for not losing weight. All I could think was that she had such an outstanding look of her own.

Even farther back I remember my ballet teacher, (she reminded of me of Samantha on Bewitched) wore ballet slippers and footless tights outside of class- a popular look now, but it was completely unique in the early 70’s.

My Aunt Riitta. A former Finnish fashion model in the 60’s and 70’s always looked great to me- her style was so foreign and so wonderful to me! I can still see Riitta wearing her bold Marimekko print smock with a super long silver chain with over-sized heart charm.

These impressions from so long ago are still so vivid in my mind. And my appreciation continues on as I see new looks. I know so many of you feel the same- we all know people who have their own style. Please share with me!

I found this website/blog and they love the individual too: Here is a great chance see unique style or send in yourself or someone with unique style! I love individuals just being themselves- Great website I just had to share: http://www.WhoWhatWearDaily.com They also have Blog on myspace myspace.com/whowhatwear

Myspace Muse Applicant InstructionsWhoWhatWear Daily is accepting applicants for future features on stylish myspace gals. If you or someone you know has a great sense of style, submit the following:1.Five full length photos that exhibit the individual’s personal style.2.Link to candidate’s myspace page.3.Candidate’s email to answer interview questions.Email the above to: allison@whowhatweardaily.com and/or jessica@whowhatweardaily.com We are always accepting candidates, so there are no deadlines. Below is an example of a post on a past myspace muse, Harley. Click the image to read her interview.10 years ago, with 3 great little kids and hair all the way to my waist~ long hair was “In” but short hair was still something I admired.~ So I used very short hair as a reward, for losing my baby weight…Reward? Yes, a reward it is!


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