Design Mom: Giveaways and Discounts

This is the beginning in a series of Twisted Silver posts for the popular blog: (Design Mom is hosting a $400 Twisted Giveaway this week-

Some fun discounts for Design Mom and Twisted-blog readers-

20% off on ANY Twisted product

$75.00 off KEY Necklace

$50.00 off TRINKET Necklace

$30.00% off BUBBLES Bracelet



5 thoughts on “Design Mom: Giveaways and Discounts

  1. I’m such a twisted fan!!! What a pleasure to have been introduced to Debi Mitchell last summer – we became instant friends!! (Funny how I always seem to click with another designer.) Whenever I wear any Twisted piece, the compliments seem to just flow out of other gals’ mouths. It’s always so cool to let them know about my designer friend Debi, and her very unique line Twisted Silver. Expect nothing but great things from Debi Mitchell and her beautiful line of jewels.

    xo Heather Fish

    Yes, I love other designers as well, but with a line like Pearl, I also LOVE the product! Thanks Heather:) Deb

  2. Hi there! I just received an e-mail from a friend of mine passing along the great word about TWISTED. I had not yet checked out your site and line – what amazing product.

    Reading some of your past blogs, I thought you’d be interested in another “great find” an of indepedant women designed line. It is the fitnesswear line “IMPACT FITNESS” (

    This is RIGHT up the most hip, stylish, comfortable and flattering clothing you will EVER find for women of all ages (especially you fashion-concious mommy’s). Their Urban Knickers are absolutely THE BEST!!

    Check it out!!!

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