Good to Great Summer


Part 2 of the Design Mom series)

I love summer. The kids are home, and now that they are big (10, 13, & 17yrs) even the house stays somewhat clean, due to the summer chore schedule. I love the freedom of no school. Although they don’t beg to take outings with me the way they use to, and are going in different directions (jobs, swim team, football practice), we have a lot more relaxed time together than during the school year.  

This summer went from being good to great when we adopted a little Shih Tzu. 12 lbs and 3 years old. My sweet daughter Kaija (10) finally convinced dad that she needed a dog — it took almost 10 years! This dog was worth the wait.  

We adopted through the Toy Breed Rescue in the Bay Area in CA. Humphrey was rescued by these good people from a horrid puppy mill in Missouri. The rescuers brought as many as they could back to California after touring this decrepit and soon to be shut down mill. These dogs were in wall to wall rabbit hutches, dirty and confined there day after day, fed only enough to keep them alive. They were rescued, cleaned, spayed/neutered, caught up on shots and micro-chipped. Finally, with so much care, Toy Breed Rescue “interrogated” potential owners — doing their best to find just the right loving home for the dogs — all for the love of these little animals! They are such kind hearted organization. I am so glad there are people like that in this world!  

It comes as no surprise to me that the perfect dog for our family came from such a situation — with a rough past. As I was thinking about it, it is the same way I design. I am most inspired by the obscure or forgotten things in life. Hidden treasure really drives me. To roughly quote Vivienne Westwood: “by simply paying attention to something will bring out its beauty.” So yes, Humphrey, our hidden treasure, was just waiting for us!  

Humphrey is such a sweet dog — quickly learning how to walk on a leash, and house trained almost immediately. He follows me everywhere I go, and sits at my feet as I work. He’s learning to play and is even sitting on the kids laps. This small, bowlegged bundle of fur has made quite an impact on us. He just wants to make us happy and fit in. Which he has!

I would love to hear what hidden treasures turned your summer from good to great!


2 thoughts on “Good to Great Summer

  1. Thank you so much for adopting Humphrey! He is so cute! I wish more people would adopt dogs from rescues, especially puppy mill dogs. Enjoy the rest of your summer with Humphrey!

  2. People seem to be adopting a lot more lately, thank goodness! He really is a great dog:) Those rescuers are doing such great thing- I can’t say enough for people that do that! THanks for you comment Patty!

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