Charms series -#3

A fun surprise a few weeks ago: my daughter Kaija (10), niece Sophie (10), and I went to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit family that includes their girl cousins. The surprise part was that I had no idea how beautiful and interesting it is there! My sister, Dixie, moved there recently and her family has loved it, but since I have never been to The South, the stereotypes (want them or not), were really all I had to go on. What was hard for me to understand was why had I never heard how incredibly lush and lovely it is there?! The charms of the South definitely outweigh any negatives.

Charm #1: We loved seeing the neat little town of Hot Springs, there must be at least 10 actual Bath Houses in a row. Most of them are under renovation, but what a trip it was to go inside and see how they operate. Do you know that people in the 1800’s would travel across the world to go to those healing baths. Syphilis was a big reason they would go — can you imagine?!

Charm #2: If you ever happen to be in this neck of the woods make sure you go to the best amusement park I have ever been to — besides Disneyland. It is called Magic Springs. A good variety f fun rides. Lots of shade. Short lines. Good food. All of the girls had a great day, and so did the parents!

Charm #3: Of course we went to Graceland — a highlight for me since I love Elvis! Wow. To see those incredible costumes up close — he really had unique and fantastic personal style — although the home décor made me giggle. (Come on Elvis, The Jungle Room, what were you thinking?) My niece Sophie was cute, she made sure to pack her “Elvis Pants” a fantastic pair of silver lamé stretch pants, and then when the camera came out she transformed into a 10 year old version of Girl Elvis with the wiggle hips and snear. I think we may all be joining the Elvis Fan Club now!

But the best charm of all was seeing those cousins after being apart for a whole year! The 5 girls were glued to the hip the whole week, reconnected again. The joy of summer! What fun, unexpected surprises have you had this summer?


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