Random Giveaway: Twisted Silver

4th part in the Design Mom series (Go to http://www.designmom.com to enter the $400 Twisted Silver Drawing)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Giveaway: $400 at Twisted Silver Jewelry

I think I should warn you: it’s a really big Giveaway today. Really big. You may want to grip your mouse a little harder to keep to stable. Or practice some deep breathing excercises. Our Guest Mom this week, Debra Mitchell, is having so much fun hanging out at the Design Mom blog that she wanted her company, Twisted Silver Jewelry, to sponsor a Giveaway. She started picking out pieces and almost couldn’t stop. And now, one lucky winner will receive $400 in GOODS FROM TWISTED SILVER JEWELRY!

The winner will receive:
Diva Necklace, $50
Hepburn Earrings, $50
Rope Bracelet, $50
Horse Bit Convertible Belt/Necklace, $120
Bongo Earrings ,$30
-Plus. A $100 Twisted Silver Gift Certificate to spend as she pleases!!!

I’m not even joking.

Can you believe how pretty these pieces are? Winning this would be like getting a complete jewelry makeover. And new jewelry is such a smart way to try out new looks, to reinvent yourself or refresh a tired wardrobe.
Debra knows it’s kind of a bummer that there can only be one winner, so she put together four fabulous deals that any Design Mom Reader can take advantage of to get their Twisted fix:

1) $20 off on ANY Twisted product.

That includes the Beatnik Bracelet which sells for $30. Heavy duty chain, wonderful oversized clasp, and the Twisted Disc that they are known for. You will love wearing it!

$20 off also includes the Knot Ring which sells for $40. This is the ring for you if you like making a fashion statement. Large heavy duty band and design in antiqued brass. Debra says this ring might as well be glued to her finger!

2) $75.00 off KEY Necklace
The Key Necklace sells for $150. And it’s all about Recycle*Re-use*Re-invent. This authentic vintage skeleton key was a forgotten treasure, gathering dust until it was surrounded by this fabulous design of brass, silver, resin, and wood. This piece is classic Twisted Silver, boutique jewelry at its fine/funkiest!

3) $50.00 off TRINKET Necklace
The Trinket Necklace sells for $110. Oh the charms of Summer. . . Winter, Spring, Fall, and every vacation in between. This necklace is truly collected, no two are exactly alike. Add your own charms and the necklace just gets better and better.

4) $30 off BUBBLES Bracelet
The Bubbles Bracelet sells for $60. Hand forged brass design with wonderful chunky brass chain and fun swivel clasp- topped off with a signature Twisted disc. People have offered to buy this one right off Debra’s write!

So many deals. Some many baubles. Too much fun! Twisted Silver bends over frontwards and backwards to not only create what their customers consider to be the most desirable jewelry, but also provide unsurpassed quality and service. They are a wonderful company to do business with.

Thank you Debra. Thank you Twisted Silver!

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries about how to take advantage of the discounts. Here are instructions:
Click on the discount link in the text of this post (like where is says: $30 off BUBBLES Bracelet). The discount is with you then and will follow you until you end your transaction. When you enter your purchase, it will show up at check out, reflected on the total. If you’d like to use more than one discount, you’ll just need to make separate transactions. Any questions? Just email the very helpful Debra at: twistedsilver [at] comcast [dot[ net


Random Giveaway Guidelines: (go to designmom.com to enter)
-You have until midnight PST on Sunday, August 26th to enter this giveaway.
-Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter — any comment.
-Anonymous comments will be ignored/removed.
-One entry per person, please.
-The winner will be randomly picked and announced Monday morning.


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