L.A.M.B. What Next?!

As I mentioned earlier I LOVE New York Fashion week, and have so much to say~

I look forward to the surprises mostly- the designers that come up with the fresh looks- or the unexpected designers that rise to the scene. This year there seemed to be a lot of the latter… Celebrities with their own lines seemed to be the thing. I really can understand it, since it is the celebrities that are dictating trends. They seem to have so much power in the fashion scene~In fact, I was talking with the Style Writer and Merchandising Producer at Style Network Jamie Krell. She told me that this trend is a real one. She said it use to be that she would look to Vogue or Glamour Magazines to spot the latest trends, but that this is no longer the case- she now goes to the blogs or Weekly magazines to see what the celebrities are wearing. These people are now the true trend setters…good or bad.


One of the good new designers is Gwen Stephani- former No Doubt lead singer tuned solo artist. L.A.M.B. ( Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) Her personal style is so unique- The modified beehive hairdo is a good example of that. Anyway I love the way she puts her own look together- Sophisticated but youthful. She has the ability to mesh tailored and free flowing. And it does come through in her line that she says is inspired by her new baby Kingston, her mother who she describes as a woman with a wonderful sense of style, and her own teenage years growing up in Orange County. Here is a little sampling :


  • Her line is extensive: clothing, terrific full purses(that she is currently using as diaper bags,) shoes, and (not sure what else) and the attention paid to it has been broad and wide. The press seems to be loving it. It makes me wonder how she can really do it. It is clear that she is inspiring the line- but truly sitting down to design in her new New York fashion house- with a new baby, an amazing career as a solo artist, and a No Doubt reunion upcoming, among other things- I wonder how much she is really involved in the line. But she does has access to the best of the best in the business and seems to have no lack of style- I have no doubt that she will succeed. I also wonder what could possibly be next for Gwen?!

Individual Style

I was talking with a wonderfully unique friend this morning- somehow we got on the topic of individual style. Why is it that some people have a very distinctive look- good or bad- without even trying, or so it seems, and others work so hard to come up with a signature look and end up stamped out of a mold. It happens all the time.

I think it all goes back to the Mass Produced world we live in. Mass Media, Mass Production, and Mass Distribution. It seems everywhere you look you will find imitations of the real thing. It goes something like this- a well known and fantastic designer shows his new line at New York Fashion Week – I am in heaven since it is going on right now in NYC, so I will use Max Azria as an example, an all time favorite designer of mine. He comes out with his 2008 line- (here is a glimpse)



The line is fresh and strong and the Mass Media writes about it in glowing terms… cheap knockoffs start appearing shortly thereafter because of Mass Production, and get into the main stream via Mass Distribution at the same time high end boutiques.

Because the In looks are so accessible to everyone at the same time, and so many people willing to copy and not create- Sameness is the result.

I really do appreciate the individual~ good or bad, the look is all your own.  The standouts with a look of their own. And oh how I love the innovators and designers that truly create Fashion Week! (I really have so much to say about New York Fashion Week- so stay tuned!)