Individual Style

I was talking with a wonderfully unique friend this morning- somehow we got on the topic of individual style. Why is it that some people have a very distinctive look- good or bad- without even trying, or so it seems, and others work so hard to come up with a signature look and end up stamped out of a mold. It happens all the time.

I think it all goes back to the Mass Produced world we live in. Mass Media, Mass Production, and Mass Distribution. It seems everywhere you look you will find imitations of the real thing. It goes something like this- a well known and fantastic designer shows his new line at New York Fashion Week – I am in heaven since it is going on right now in NYC, so I will use Max Azria as an example, an all time favorite designer of mine. He comes out with his 2008 line- (here is a glimpse)



The line is fresh and strong and the Mass Media writes about it in glowing terms… cheap knockoffs start appearing shortly thereafter because of Mass Production, and get into the main stream via Mass Distribution at the same time high end boutiques.

Because the In looks are so accessible to everyone at the same time, and so many people willing to copy and not create- Sameness is the result.

I really do appreciate the individual~ good or bad, the look is all your own.  The standouts with a look of their own. And oh how I love the innovators and designers that truly create Fashion Week! (I really have so much to say about New York Fashion Week- so stay tuned!)


5 thoughts on “Individual Style

  1. Hey, Deb! Sorry I’ve dropped out of touch for a while. Big transition at work (good), but I’ve had no life for the last month or so. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel now!

    Anyway, just wanted to take a moment to agree that the ability to mass produce and distribute impacts the ease of individual expression. On the other hand, I can appreciate the access to style elements that might othersie have been out of reach – whether as a result of cost, distance or simple access.

    As I read your posting, I thought about the few ways we all have to balance this modern trend. First, of course, I thought about find those gems — like your work — that are consciously limited production and hand crafted. Second, try to support the originators whenever possible as a foundation for a “look.” I’m not terribly label conscious and do try to control my wild shopaholic leanings, but I DO try to buy really well-designed, high-quality trademark pieces when I can. That way, I get to support the creator while incorporating a signature piece that yells “ME.” The last idea is really an extension of the previous one, which is to mix and match. I may just be foolin’ myself, but I’ve always thought the understated mass-produced stuff came in handy for variety as a backdrop to those signature pieces. Make sense?


  2. Hi Maggie fun to hear from you~ and I totally agree! I appreciate the mass produced when it comes “the backdrop” The mass produced really even works like you say when it is pulled together one piece at a time- Just the same with furniture- a home can look so lovely but at the same time sterile and lifeless when purchased as a “set”. Gathered a piece at a time it comes to life with interest and I think that is what makes it beautiful and unique- that is when you put your own stamp on it:)
    SO thanks for bringing that in, so true:)

  3. Oh, how sad for me, someone who relies on mass appeal because I was not born with any individual style. I also have no idea how to use time to work on a “signature look”. I am happy to find one great pair of jeans and my husband is happy if I wear a crisp, clean shirt. One day when my children are grown I will wander around the mall and carefully select clothes, instead of darting in to a cheapie store at nearby strip mall to pick up something, ANYTHING, to wear while my husband and kids wait in the car. It will definitely be an improvement but it will still be a far cry from what you stylish gals are wearing. I might as well be speaking Farsi right now – you probably don’t get what I am saying at all. Having said that, thanks for setting a high bar for the understyled; I hope it rubs off one day! Love ya!

  4. Hey Dixie,

    I went through a lot of years just that way- All of my creativity went in to the kids- as it should be. I absolutely love that look as well- We are mothers and comfort and convenience is the name of the game.

    My comments are directed to the lack of opportunities out there to FIND a look (if that is what you are after). Thank goodness not everyone cares to have a “signature look”!

    (But I do very much appreciate those people out there that do make a statement- either good or bad~A piece of the personality usually peeks out of those red combat boots and checkered tights:)

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