Some Favorite Style Blogs: Stylebytes

My little company Twisted Silver has taken me on quite a ride. Little did I know a few years ago that my love of making jewelry would become a full fledged business. Something small business owners all know came as quite a surprise to me…that “design” would be only a small fraction of what I would do.

Running a business requires so much more than creating a beloved product. Among other things, it requires a lot of marketing- which can take as much effort as I will put in to it. As is clear now Blogging is the direction many companies are putting their best efforts in to- and that is what I have been heavily focused on as of late. Connecting with style bloggers has become a new arena for us… and through this I have been introduced to so many incredible style blogs- each one with a voice of their own. So I have a list of favorites and I just HAVE to share!

Check out this style blog is : here is a preview

Christian Lacroix

christian lacroix spring 2008

christian lacroix spring 2008

Andrew Gn

andrew gn

Dries Van Noten

dries van noten spring 2008

dries van noten spring 2008


valentino spring 2008

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October 3, 2007


Paris #2

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Balenciaga spring 2008

Balenciaga spring 2008

Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons spring 2008

Jean Paul Gaultier

jean paul gaultier spring 2008

jean paul gaultier spring 2008

Viktor & Rolf

viktor rolf spring 2008

viktor rolf spring 2008


wunderkind spring 2008

wunderkind spring 2008


Candle Light Dinner

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It might not look like it from the photo, but what I am doing tonight is having a nice candle light dinner with my husband. This was just a short stop on the way to the grocery store where we got a little distracted by the digger.

pink digger excavator pleaser heels

Dress: Secondhand skirt
Shoes: Pleaser

October 2, 2007



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I bought these shades in Berlin a few years ago. I love them but for some reason hardly wear them. The last few day´s runway show have been filled with shades of the sort and it reminded me of these. Today, as the sun was shining, I finally found an excuse to wipe the dust off them.

blue dress puffy sleeves shades black tights clutch

Dress: Dyed secondhand Zara
Tights: H&M
Clutch: Secondhand
Shades: Some shop in Berlin
Shoes: Din Sko



Paris #1

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Maison Martin Margiela

The broad shoulders are still there, but this time in a more minimalistic and futuristic way.

Maison Martin Margiela spring 2008

Maison Martin Margiela spring 2008


I love the futuristic shades, especially paired with more conservative garments like the cardigan.

undercover spring 2008

undercover spring 2008

Vivienne Westwood

vivienne westwood spring 2008

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October 1, 2007


Same Old Shoes, New Dress

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Tomorrow I am going to try putting away these shoes for a while. I have at least ten times as many pumps and sandals as I have winter shoes, same goes with summer contra winter clothing, so I am bound to play a little more on mixing and matching than the garments themselves. This dress though is one of my thrift finds from this weekend. I was surprised by the design of it, the huge folds are actually pockets, and it has to be some sort of 80´s thing cause the label says “Made in West Germany”.

west germany dress military jacket mittens

Dress: Secondhand
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Unknown
Mittens: Knitted by mom
Brooches: Bik Bok and Secondhand
Shoes: Skopunkten

September 30, 2007


Champagne and DIY

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I might just as well move into these shoes. When I got them I wasn´t sure whether I´d really wear them, but got them since they were cheap and kept the receipt in case I´d return them. I have worn them every day since then.

I´m spending the evening eating risotto and drinking Champagne while working on DIY projects. I am setting the table with beads, glue, feathers, fabric and everything else I can find. Hopefully something nice will come out of it.

bus stop short shorts blue cardigan mittens

Shorts: H&M
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Scarves: Secondhand and unknown
Mittens: Knitted by mom
Bracelet: H&M´s children´s department
Shoes: Skopunkten

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