Twisted Visits Sue Wong’s House

The fabulous Sue Wong will be unveiling her incredible 2008 Fall Collection (The pictures are few of my favorites) in her lovely and newly restored home The Cedars.

A treat in and of itself- The 1926 estate in Los Feliz is a 10,000-square-foot mansion designed by Marcel Tourner to resemble a 17th-century Venetian palazzo. Norma Talmadge, is only one of the many other famous tenants, including Howard Hughes, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, and Johnny Depp. Wong spent the past few years restoring the home to its original splendor.

This invitation only event will showcase Wong’s Fall collection featuring her opulent and edgy couture gowns, will without a doubt, impress the stylish invitees. I am honored that Twisted Silver’s Horse Bit Belt and Bracelet have been selected to be included in the lavish gift bags presented to these fashionable invitees, including Maria Shriver, Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, Christina Ricci, Vanessa Williams, Angela Bassett, Katherine Heigl, Kate Walsh, Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, among others.

The thrill it would be for me to actually see Maria Shriver or Charlize Theron sporting Twisted Silver. This is just another of the many fun aspects of creating jewelry, and growing my small Twisted Silver!


2 thoughts on “Twisted Visits Sue Wong’s House

  1. I was reading your articals and seen that you are an Elvis fan Please check out the great Elvis show by Joe Eigo at the Friar Tuck resotrit Catskill NY you wont be sorry. Kathy

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