Emmy Nominees to Get Twisted

Tinseltown is about to be Twisted yet again thanks to syndicated columnist and Hollywood journalist, Anita Talbert, the visionary behind this years Dazzling Daytime Emmy Suite.

Having crossed paths at an earlier event, Anita pulled out my business card and gave me a call. The event, being held at Brite Smile in Beverly Hills June 18-19th 2008, was in need of some Twisted Silver. Honored, of course, at the invitation by Anita, the decision was made as to which pieces would be best suited for the event: so to name a few…

Twisted Silver Diva Necklace, Trinket Necklace, Chain Maille Necklace, and Tre Necklace

Anita Talbert, armed with years of wonderful A-list connections and the gift to create drama, has created a spectacular event which is in progress as I write, drawing Emmy Nominees, Presenters, and a long list of celebrities in town for the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which will be held on June 20th, 2008 at the Kodak Theatre.

So as with all of these exciting and star filled events Twisted Silver is just thrilled to be a small part, and look forward to spotting Twisted Silver on the pages of the fashion magazines, daytime talk shows, etc…

(A note about my Spot and Win Game: if you send me a picture – from a magazine, show, or on the street- of a celebrity wearing a Twisted Silver, I will send you the piece you spot:)