Twisted Blog Revised!

Welcome to the newly revised Twisted Blog!  Yours truly, Twisted Tina, will be your new editor for everything Twisted. Don’t worry. Our illustrious designer, Deb Mitchell, isn’t going anywhere and will post when she can.  But seriously, we need her spending her time on making more of those addictive designs, don’t you think?  So I plan to post OFTEN, because I’m telling you, I have so much to say about my favorite obsession.  New categories will include:


How to Twist It: nifty ways to wear Twisted Silver pieces to get the most out of your favorite jewelry, because I bet you own pieces that you didn’t know were also bracelets or chokers (just to name a few!).


New Goodies: sneak peeks and launches of hot-off-the-design table, fabulous new jewelry and (naturally) the latest discount promotions.


Twisted Celebrities: up-to-date info on the ever-increasing roster of A-listers who are rockin’ Twisted.


Twisted Giveaways: are you ready for this?  I’m going to give away MEGA stuff at least monthly.  Can’t say more now, but it’s going to knock your socks off, trust me!


Blog Spotlight: discover what blogs get all of us at Twisted Silver doing flips for joy.


Twisted Boutiques: I’ll let you know when a new Twisted retailer opens in your area, and spotlight some really cool boutiques.


Trend Watch: news on the latest fashion trends and how to Twist it.


Designer’s Corner: insight from our wonderful Twisted designer, Debbie Mitchell about how she comes up with such amazing things, her view on current fashion, fashion history, what she sees in fashion today and the occasional funny story from living from Twisted life.


Love Mail:  See what some of our favorite customers are saying about their Twisted experience… and yeah, it is an experience.


But wait, there’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that).  If you subscribe to the Twisted Blog, I’m going to send you a pair of Lithe earrings valued at $30.  These brass earrings are ultra light weight, super simple and yet so unique that they will be your every day pair. You won’t want to take them off EVER.


To my blogger buddies whom I hold so dear, add the Twisted Blog to your blog roll and I’m going to send you something extra special.  Yeah, it’s going to be good.  Don’t you love surprises?  I will of course add you to the Twisted Blogroll 🙂


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