Wear Hardware

There’s something just so, well rock star about the Hardware necklace and bracelet!  I’ve worn the bracelet a jizzillion times until I realized the Hardware necklace can be multi-wrapped to wear as a bracelet.  Oh, so much more!  Somewhere between maybe punk rock maybe urban funk, the Hardware converts to wind a quarter-way up my forearm and makes me feel SO EDGY!!  Here’s the interesting part:  it looks like it would weigh a ton, but it’s surprisingly light and warms beautifully on my skin. 

If you don’t want the volume up that high, the Hardware bracelet is a nice compromise.  But if you’re in the mood to make a high velocity statement, try wrapping the necklace.  I promise you will not go unnoticed!

Both the hardware bracelet and necklace are 50% off with coupon code “HARDWARE” Offer expires August 5th, so hurry!


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