Layers Clothing: Sweet But Sassy

Layers Clothing has mastered the art of classic simplicity gone chic when it comes to easy wearable tees and adorable swimwear.  Sweet and feminine, with just a touch of boldness to get a gal noticed, Layers proves that modesty can be flirty.  My favorite is the Classic Lace   featuring a rounded neck, cap sleeve and a touch of lace at the bottom hem, that covers any – um – “unsightlies”  from low-rise jeans!  It’s no wonder Layers Clothing is described as “ humble but edgy, sweet but sassy”.   Here’s the best part: Layers Clothing is SO AFFORDABLE with most tops hovering around the $20 range! 

Hmm, simple and yet original, classic yet edgy and affordable.  Sound familiar?  Yep, many of Twisted Silver’s designs fit that description to a tee (no pun intended).  Our two companies thought so too, and I am excited to announce that Twisted Silver’s jewelry designs adorn the models in the Layers Clothing 2008 catalog!

Stop by Layers Clothing and especially check out their Clearance section!  You’ll feel nearly guilty ordering the “Meredith” long three-quarter sleeve button up jacket for just twenty bucks to get a jump on fall!  

But wait! Summer isn’t nearly over yet by a long shot, so give August the pump up it deserves with the “Bombay”,  a stunning earth tone graphic swirl dot tankini with a crossover twist back.  Can’t you just imagine yourself strolling the sandy beach?

Can you spot your favorite Twisted pieces on the Layers models?  We’d love to hear your comments!


One thought on “Layers Clothing: Sweet But Sassy

  1. Drat! I can’t zoom in. I searched and searched and I think its
    and a Patchwork Convertible with the Sunburst removed.
    Or maybe not.
    Do I win a Go Go Ultra for guessing?
    I’m off to check out Layers Clothing but if it’s anything like Twisted Silver, my budget is shot .

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