Fractured Toy Goes Ga-Ga for Twisted!

fractured toy

Cheryl, editor of Fractured Toy, is one of those Twisted fans that make all of us at Twisted Silver simply love our jobs.  You see, she used to covet bracelets at Tiffany’s.  That was then and this is now, because now she’s enamored with Twisted Silver, and she is not shy to tell us why!

It all started when she was spotting the Beatnik bracelet in silver all over the blogosphere.  It was a piece that she just had to have, and when it arrived, she figured that the “cravings” would cease.  They didn’t, and now her dear hubby has a handy wish list at his disposal for all future gifts. 🙂 Here’s more of what she had to say:

“I am just ga ga over Twisted Silver. I’ll tell you another secret; I just got back from King of Prussia mall ( it’s the largest mall on the East Coast and it is incredible!) where there is a Tiffany’s &
Co. I truly have always been a Tiffany’s girl but standing there today, I realized something. Tiffany’s is great for diamonds but as far as everything else? I found myself saying “Ew”…. “I wish they had a Twisted Silver Store here!”.

She has more gushing and creative things to say about why she loves Twisted on her blog.  As if that’s not enough in itself, she’s hosting a giveaway contest.  You can win a Bubbles bracelet in silver, gold or brass between now and August 31st, so click on over and try your luck.

Thanks, Cheryl!  We love you too!


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