Medallion is a Meant-to-Be Must Have!

Newly released just yesterday is the stylish and artistic Medallion necklace.  The European-styled, statement-sized piece is removable from the rough-twisted brass rope.  Without the medallion, it is an elegant and unique chain. Worn with the medallion, it is a daring and sophisticated addition.  This necklace is a bit of a chameleon and you’ll be amazed how it transform your fall wardrobe from casual to dressy in an instant.  The Medallion is that “meant-to-be” accessory for all your fall looks. It must be meant to be, for Kathy anyway.  This is the email we received after the release of the Medallion necklace.   

So Deb, this is a funny, true story – 

I saw this email from you advertising the Medallion necklace.  I immediately fell in love with it, and I called Tim in from the other room, “Tim!  Come here, quick!  This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” Tim came running in, and I showed him the picture of the necklace.  He then proceeded to show me the secret email exchange he’d had with you a couple of days ago regarding the VERY SAME NECKLACE!  What a cool surprise!  Yay!!! 

Thought you might enjoy this story!  Great minds think alike!:)  Kathy You can own the Medallion for this limited introductory offer of 50% off through September 9th when you enter promo code MEDALLION at checkout.


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