Walking the Line Between Statement and Delicate

Yes, the major trend is big statement pieces: chunky chain, heavy medallions, stand-out rings.  However, if big and bold just isn’t your style, have no fear!  Delicate jewelry can be a statement in itself, and is making a strong comeback.  Maire Loughran, fashion journalist and feature writer for JewelrySuite 101  says: 

“Designers of the delicate pieces encourage customers to make their individual statement by combining delicate necklace or stacking thin low profile rings. This was a big look last year with multiple 1mm or 2mm precious metal chains twisted together and hung with charms.”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I really feel like pushing the edge with a bold statement, and other times I’m more mellow.  How about this… do both!  Twisted Silver designs love to walk that line.  Why not blend the heavy with the delicate, the bold with the subtle?  The new Align necklace, the Sleek necklace are perfect examples.  Watch for the Infinity necklace coming soon. 


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