Enter the “Take Your Holiday Pulse” Giveaway

Rub the paddles together, yell “CLEAR!” and zzzzzzzzaaaappp a pulse back into your dying evening wear this holiday season with just one amazingly versatile accessory – Twisted Silver’s Pulse Convertible! If you just have one little black dress, you can transform your look into three exciting ways with this one piece of jewelry.

First multi-wrap your Pulse Convertible for a flirty and daring bracelet.  The conversation-halting beads jingle-jangle happily as you breeze into the party.

Second, open up your Pulse and wear as a single-strand, long necklace.  The simple subtlety creates elegant sophistication for any formal occasion.

Lastly, double up your Pulse for a choker that puts just the merest hint of metal chain edginess to a solid classy look. 


The Pulse Convertible is $70 and available from Twisted Silver in gold or silver chain, with either clear crystal, black crystal or white glass pearls.  Take your holiday Pulse with you to all your functions this celebration season!




What holiday outfit is just screaming for a Pulse convertible, and how would you wear it?  Leave a comment here telling us all about it — we love detail! — and you will be entered in a drawing to win a free Pulse Convertible of your choice.  Open to US residents with valid email addresses only.  Contest ends December 9, 2008.

CONGRATS!!  Michele McHenry, you’re the winner of the Pulse convertible. 

The contest is now closed.


36 thoughts on “Enter the “Take Your Holiday Pulse” Giveaway

  1. We love everything TwisTeD, but mostly TwisTeD Silver. This would look stunning on my LBD this season. As a new found recessionista, I’m trying to shop my closet. Thanks for the opp.

  2. I absolutely love this new necklace. I can’t figure out whether I like it better in gold or silver though. I’d wear it most with a pair of designer jeans with heels and a black top. The necklace would totally dress up the outfit! Thanks for the chance to win! You know how much I adore your jewelry.

  3. I have a LPD (little purple dress) that it would look so chic with! I love all the Twisted Silver jewelry – Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. We don’t do many fancy parties around here but, I do have a nice red satin blouse that this would do wonders for. I have tried finding the perfect accessory and I think I have. Now I hope I win.

  5. I adore Twisted Silver! I don’t think there is an outfit I would not wear it with! But, my fave would be with my black palazzo chiffon and silk lined pants, with my ever so cool Blk, Enzo Angelino boots that lace up in the back, (ankle boots) with my black merino wool tank sweater that is completely sequined in the front in black with a see through mock turtle neck underneath. Then I would wrap my chiffon scarf with embrodered beads on the ends over my head with the tails wrapped around my neck, falling down the back and the Silver Pulse convertible doubled up around my neck that will show so beautifully, noticiably against my see through blouse. I would feel like a hot mama, even with my walker! You couldn’t stop me…feeling good about how you look makes all the difference!

  6. I have been longingly looking at the pulse convertible for many months now. I have a black wrap dress that the pulse would look fantastic with! Thanks very much for this giveaway!

  7. ONE of the great things about this jewelry is the convertibility factor. Whatever mood I’m in , my trusted Twisted Silver is there.
    That little Pulse makes my heart thump, thump, thump. What a beautiful piece of jewelry for the holidays or any days! I love to dress glamorously but during the holidays, it’s all about quiet times for us; that’s a treat when usually it’s rush, rush, rush.
    When we visit friends and family, I like to dress casual but um,…better than anyone else :). I have the perfect gray dress with a V Neck in back that I’ll wear this year. Since it has the V in the back, I’d wear this single strand with the length in the back. Maybe…Or maybe I’d wear it choker but then again, I love my bracelets! AND Twisted Silver.
    Thanks for the wonderful holiday giveaway.

  8. I love the versatility of this piece. It would be wonderful worn as a bracelet with my winter white party outfit. It is a pair of wide-legged pants, very simple, that I pair with a silk sweater that is trimmed with little pearls & crystals around the neck. If I got it in the silver metal with either pearl or crystal drops it would look like it was made to go with the sweater!
    I could also wear it doubled with my Christmas-red chenille sweater that has a sweetheart type neckline.

  9. It seems like my go-to outfit is going to be a mod-ish black sweater minidress and funky tights. Perfect for the Pulse. Although you might really need two to rock it as a bracelet and necklace at the same time…

  10. This would look so stunning with the black velvet top I bought for Christmas. The silver would look so beautiful. I would feel like a queen. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance!

  11. I’m a pretty simple dresser, so the first thing that comes to mind is my newest little black dress – it’s cut is basic and doesn’t have embellishment, so the Pulse would be the perfect way to dress it up a bit!


  12. I am really drawn to the bracelet look. I would love to experiment layering the Pulse as a bracelet with other Twisted Silver bracelets. Also I would like to see the gold and silver versions layered over each other as bracelets.The clear and jet colored beads would intermingle and play off each other so nicely. I love mixing it up with different metal colors worn together-silver, gold, brass, gunmetal or pewter.

  13. I’d wear the silver version as a necklace with my grey satin top and black skinny jeans. I’d also wear it with pretty much everything else…

  14. I have a black velvet sleeveless top and pants and my coat is a velvet leopard print. The single-strand, long necklace would look fabulous and of course I would have to get another one for a bracelet. Now where is the party?
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  15. Yesterday I ordered a gorgeous black dress from Layers Clothing that this would be perfect with! The dress I purchased is their “Jackie-O”. I would wear the Silver Pulse Converter as a multi-strand choker necklace, as I think it would go nicely with my other Twisted Silver bracelets. 🙂 Oddly, I was not really into accessories until I learned of Twisted Silver and now I am hooked. How many pieces of jewelry can I wear at one time and still being fashionable, without going over the top? LOL


    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  16. I love the idea you showed using the convertibles as a bracelet!! I love bracelets, and it would look so nice with something frilly and flirty for Christmas!!

  17. well I was at SITS then clicked on your store name and searched for your blog-hope that doesnt sound stalker-ish BUT I just really wanted to come and say HI and wanted a way to let you know I LOVE your jewerly the pulse in silver is A-W-E uh huh-S-O-M-E!

    it would look very pretty on my pale wrist as a bracelet with the jewels jingle jangelin all the way 😉

  18. I love the silver version and would have to wear it as a bracelet with this cute black and white wrap dress. It would look so awesome. I am headed to a wedding soon wearing this dress and winning this bracelet would be so awesome! Love your work. The earrings are fantastic.

  19. When it comes to buying clothes, I keep it pretty basic. I rely on GREAT accessories to spice up my wardrobe. Twisted Silver has definitely become my new fav with all of their bold and funky accessories. This necklace is awesome! I’m thinking it would perfectly compliment my favorite black slub top, a pair of dark wash jeans, and my 4 inch heals. I’ve got a lot of black and now I need the BLING!!
    Fingers crossed!



  21. It’s all mine ladies :~) I so love seeing the on sale items! Thanks! I recently told a co-worker and she now goes on-line and just purchased some great jewelry.
    Thank You for giving us some of the most unusually wonderful bling, I just love it when people stare and ask me about my Twisted Silver!

  22. I just realized that this is my name that won, but, did not hear about it!
    Is it too late? I did not find a way to contact anyone about the win.
    Oh, this would have been so great since I have always loved these designs!

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