Interview: Designer Deb’s Quirky Inspiration

Quirky DebTwisted Fans across the country and beyond love the quirky uniqueness of Twisted Silver’s designs.  It’s the unexpected twist, the boutique chic, the down-right innovative look that transform just a pair of jeans and a tee into something va-voom!  I bet you’ve wondered about the character and personality behind such an abundance of creativity.  Well, I’ve caught up with Designer Deb – between walking her cutie Humphrey doggie and a dive into the design room — for a quick interview:

TT: Where do you get inspiration for your artistic quirky pieces?

DM:   Inspiration comes unexpectedly always but I have seen a pattern: I get really creative at hardware store and my favorite vintage haunts but I’ve also noticed I get pretty excited at military and tack shops.   I look for raw materials and pieces that have a character and personality of their own.  I am drawn to forgotten metals and adornments. With good basic materials I have all the inspiration I need, the design just flows. 

TT:  What role do funky pieces work play your look?

DM:  Funky jewelry pieces in my personal look?  Well they play a small but steady role.  I absolutely must wear one “look at me” piece…always.  Given a choice I will always gravitate to big.  It will be a fabulous funky ring, or necklace, vintage scarf, or hefty wrist cuff, but not usually at the same time.  I personally like to stick to the less-is-more philosophy.  For instance I will wear some great earrings with a multi-chain bracelet OR a standout necklace with a fab ring, and even on my most dressed down days I will always throw on a one of my favorite pieces.  This way I still look put together and have a touch of creative. 

TT:  How can Twisted Fans create their own look to showcase their own style?

DM:  Twisted fans comment all the time how they “have a style now”.  The way it seems to happens goes like this: they choose one piece they love, wearing it a lot in a variety of ways.  If it is a convertible, then wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, belt etc.  This one piece becomes THE signature piece because Twisted is not available in every mall.  I would recommend beginning your own look by listening to the comments you get from people.  Build a little jewelry wardrobe one piece at a time, starting from your comfort zone into the more fashion forward pieces.  It is fun to see the customers that start with the a conservative small piece like the sweet little spin ring and within the year end up wearing the huge show-stopping Vibe ring!


TT:  What are some quirks of your personality?

DM:  Ok, well the staff could tell you better I am sure, but if I must: I am pretty free spirited, and LOVE having a job that is different everyday (and the wardrobe freedom that goes along with it… wore my jammies to work yesterday and the today I wore my Nannette Lapore swingy shift).  I hate schedules but I really appreciate the people that help me stay on schedule, and do my best to surround myself with them.  Oh, and my kids say I am crazy… I suppose this is a quirk of my personality too:) 

TT:  Well, Deb, the staff thinks your personality quirks are more like perks!  Thanks so much for taking a breather from designing to answer a few questions.  Now get back to work!  You have a terribly addicted fan base begging for more!


New York Fashion Week 2009

Current lookView the next lookFALL 2009 COLLECTIONS

It is hard to sit still during New York Fashion Week way over here on the other coast, but sit I must.  As much as I would love to leap onto the next flight out,  I have responsibilities here at home in California;) I can’t complain too much, though.  In fact, Tuesday I walked up the hill with friends, to watch Lance Armstrong and all on Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California

Amgen Tour of California 3(FYI Leipheimer retained his yellow leader’s jersey) ( How many of those hotshots at New York Fashion week walked outside to see the best of the cycling world. (ok, it helps take the sting out of  not being at Fashion Week for sure)

So back to fashion… I am asked often about coming trends, thank goodness during fashion week for up to the minute videos, updates, and critiques via the world wide web!   With a little clipboard for notes and my eyes wide open, they tell me just enough.   This really is the way to see fashion shows anyway, skip the big drama (this is what I tell myself)and key in on the coming 2 or 3 dominant looks.



NY Fashion Week model trips (Pic:Getty)Fashion Week drama elements are always the same,  overdone hats, heels, hairstyles, plumage – statement making is fun at first but gets old fast.

There are always a lot of runway trips and spills, fun to watch but humiliating for those stressed out models and designers so I must, I must, I must turn away.


Celebrity sightings NY Fashion Week Spring 2009, Day 4, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopezare always interesting to me to see who follows my favorite designers. Alicia Keys seated next to Joy Bryant and Rachel Bilson at the BCBG Max Azria Fall 2009 collection during New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park on Friday, February 13,2009.  Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez at the Marc Jacobs at the Armory in Manhattan on Thursday.

What I look for are major trends that really will hit the streets,

A model presents a creation from Herve Leger 2008/2009 fall collection during New York Fashion Week February 3, 2008.

and the subtle touches that give a piece the designer seal.

Classic designs are the backdrop in traditional plaids, houndstooth and herringbone prints with a toned down 80’s flair.  Floral continues play a role.  Jumpsuits and shoulder pads were all over the catwalks. I see a lot of interesting designers but I just love how consistently designer Max Azria has a way of innovating everything in such a pulled together way, always so well thought out.

This season he has pulled jumpsuits in to his casual and formal lines in silks, cottons and spandex- flowing and fitted, and  although I can’t spot shoulder pads in his lines, I do see him using instead multiple layers of feminine fabric, or structured shoulders to create the shoulder pad look without losing femininity.  As always he puts his surprising hint of asymmetrical stitching or color on the edge of a design.  Another thing I love about his designs is the way he blends the raw fabrics with the polished designs and the polished fabrics with raw designs, or throwing in a hint of opposition in each design, this week was no exception.

So much more to talk about but a few is all I need to know.  Each time an old look comes back around there is always a twist.  The twist on the 80’s this time seems to come in the way of color, which is more subdued than the garish 1980’s where neon reigned supreme.  Colors follow our economic trends. “BLACK is the new black” Conservative colors including rich jewel tones and nature colors, and occasional splashes of brights (orange seems to be getting attention) and purple.  Responsible clean lines, military and government structured jackets, and much less skin showing.   I remember clearly wearing every one of these looks back in the day- which reminds me… I am sure stirrup tights will be sure to follow….  

A model presents creations from the Lacoste 2008/2009 fall collection during New York Fashion Week February 2, 2008.



Attention Buyers and Retailers: Twisted Silver at L.A Fashion Market Week!

LA Fashion District

Twisted Silver has the spotlight at Los Angeles Fashion Market Week March 20th thru 24th at Corina Collections.  Buyers and retailers, mark your calendars and come see what the buzz is all about!


The LA Fashion District is where the business of fashion happens. 80% of the LA Fashion District is comprised of wholesale-related business and is the hub of the apparel industry on the West Coast. Buyers, retailers, wholesalers and designers all gather, creating an exciting synergy that has become synonymous with Los Angeles fashion. The world looks to LA and the LA Fashion District for the cutting edge styles that are influencing the way the world dresses. For wholesale buyers and retailers, the LA Fashion District is an essential destination.

PLEASE NOTE, market weeks are for the trade only and are not open to the general public.  To view the complete line of Twisted Silver designs, please call or email for an appointment.

Corina Collections

New Mart Building

127 East Ninth Street Suite 807

Los Angeles, CA  90015

T: 213.553.9290    F:213.553.9291


Twisted Modern Classics: Here Today AND Here Tomorrow

Grandma’s Jewelry BoxPicture yourself blowing the dust off of your grandmother’s old jewelry box and opening the creaking hinges. As the tinkling music tickles your ear, you’re delighted with a tumbled treasure of baubles, beads and chain. Twisted Silver modern classics have exactly that timeless feel, but with an updated modern flair at the cutting edge of style.

Perfect examples of modern classics are the Patchwork necklaces. No wardrobe is complete without a basic chain or two, and the Patchwork designs deliver an amalgam of different chains — from vintage to quirky — all in one eye-catching piece.  Wear them with jewelry you already own: the trendy styles as well as the sentimental pieces.  Pulling a little from years gone by while embracing the edgy metal trend of right now is the recipe for a modern classic! 

Patchwork necklaces are available in an 18 inch “convertible” length for either a choker or a double-wrap bracelet, or 31 inch long necklace, or 43 inch opera length for added variety and versatility.  

Patchwork Choker

Launching this week is a newly re-designed Twisted fan fave, the Fusion necklace.  It’s simple, basic with unexpected edginess.  Perfect with a crisp, tailored blouse at the office or with your favorite t-shirt on Saturday, you’ll find yourself wearing the Fusion necklace for years to come.  Twisted modern classics have the fashion staying power and back-to-basic style that is here today AND here tomorrow!

Fusion Updated

What Twisted Silver designs do YOU think are modern classics?  What special heirloom piece would you wear with it?  COMMENT here… we just love to hear from you!

New Idol Judge is a Twisted Fan!

EXCITING NEWS!!!  Kara DioGuardi, American Idol’s new fourth judge, is the latest celebrity to get Twisted!  That’s right, the songwriter of hundreds of songs, many recorded by award-winning artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion and Carrie Underwood to name a few --  is a Twisted fan!  
 American Idol  producer Simon Fuller says,  "She is a smart, sassy lady, and one of America's most successful songwriters. We know she will bring a new level of energy and excitement to the show."  We at Twisted couldn’t agree more, and we are so proud to have her among our Twisted Celebs.  
Wanna join her look?  Watch American Idol on Tuesday and Wednesday nights on FOX and see if you can catch a glimpse of Kara wearing Phatty Bracelet, Vibe Ring, Gold rocker, Guilt necklace, Serenity Earrings, Apples Earrings …  

 Phatty Bracelet   Vibe Ring 
rocker-gold.jpg   guilt.jpg
 Apples Earrings   Serenity Earrings

...or the not-yet-released Justice Cuff and XO Brass necklace and bracelet due out this Spring:

 Justice Cuff   xobrass.jpg



Twisted Staples for Signature Style

Twisted Silver’s designs so original and yet simple that they easily become fundamental accessory staples, those special pieces are worn again and again to create a variety of looks that create a unique and signature style that is all you.  Whether you stack up bling rings on one finger, layer a few bracelets on each wrist, or convert a long necklace into a multi-wrapped choker, you can easily create a groove that is all your own with stunning results for any occasion. Here are favorites from our staff and fans: 

Debbie Mitchell, Twisted Designer: Oh, the Classic XO bracelet! What bracelets can’t you stack it with?  It works with everything.  I find myself wearing it with just such a wide variety of outfits… vintage fitted wool dresses and ¾ length sleeved jackets to showcase my bracelets.  In fact, I’ve even been known to go so far as to cut long sleeve t-shirts to ¾ length, because I want to show off the Classic XO bracelet!

Classic XO bracelet

Elizabeth Johnson, Operations Manager:  My two all time favorite accessory staples are the Athena bracelet or Beanik bracelet in antiqued silver.  If it’s silver day, I wear the beatnik bracelet.  To fancy it up, I stack the Tangle Bangle for more shine.  If it’s a gold day, I wear the Athena bracelet.  To make it more dressy, I double-wrap the  Tag Convertible in gold to punch it up a bit.   

Athena Tag Convertible Gold  Beatnik Bracelet Ant Silver Tangle Bangle

Tina Gregory, Online Marketing Manager: I build so many looks with Chain Maille bracelet.  I like to stack it with the Nautical bracelet and ALWAYS get comments.  I love copper and the Hope necklace worn as a necklace or double-wrapped as bracelet and stacked with Chain Maille is perfect.  A surprising sweetener to the Chain Maille are the Flower earrings  a little rock star yet a little on the girly side! 

Chain Maille Bracelet Nautical Bracelet Hope Necklace Flower Earrings

Julie, Twisted Fan: Twisted Silver’s earrings are second to none, and definitely my accessory staples!  I wear my hair shoulder length and tucked behind my ears or in an up-do just to show off my Serenity earrings, Hip Hoops, or Tassel in silver.  It doesn’t matter if I’m cheering on my boy’s soccer team or going on a date with my hubby, my Twisted earrings always make me feel stylish and original.


Serenity Earrings  Hip Hoops Gold Tassel Silver

Stacey, Twisted Fan: I find myself wearing the Tag convertible in silver often as a plain choker, or with the Sparkle charm attached.  Sometimes I double wrap the Tag convertible for a bracelet and stack it with the Clink bracelet or the Bubbles bracelet in silver.  I just love the cheery noise!

Tag silver Sparkle Charm  Clink bracelet Bubbles silver

What are you Twisted Staples?  Comment below!

Twisted Romance – A Gift Guide for Guys

Top Ten Fool Proof Gifts for a Twisted Valentines Day 

Okay, guys, here’s the deal.  We women adore jewelry.  We like to look stylish, but more than that: when we gaze upon your gift of a bracelet or pair of earrings, we think of YOU.  We think of all your admirable qualities that make our legs turn to jelly.  We sigh, jingle our adornments at our girlfriends, telling them how lucky we are to have you.  Are you hoping for that reaction this Valentine’s Day?  Have no fear, it’s easy as one through ten: tested by the Twisted fans, these are fool proof gifts she’ll love… and they won’t hurt your wallet either, so relax.

Tangle Bangle

Bangles are the IT wrist adornment, and this cluster is about as effortless as it gets. She love our #1 best seller for 2008! $40

Chic Necklace in Gold

Simple and chic, this necklace is understated enough for the most conservative, with just a taste of attitude.  $40

Tag Convertible

Basic metals add edgy cool to every look.  This necklace can be worn as a choker or double wrapped for a rockin’ bracelet, available in gold or silver. $30


Funky Silver

Chunky chain and a funky metal orb is a modern classic to enhance jeans to skirts. $40


Beatnik Bracelet

This basic style piece is a long-time favorite that gets serious attention.  Available in silver, antiqued silver or gold finish. $30



Circle Bracelet

The most unique bracelet you’ll ever see is this bangle that rests ON TOP of the wrist! $30


Glacier Earrings

Old world charm with Swarovski crystal are a quaint touch for casual or dressy. $40


Diva Necklace

Brass filigree designs seem to melt into your skin in this unusual and best selling necklace. $50


7 Bracelet

Stacking (wearing more than one piece) is a trend with long-time staying power.  The 7 bracelet does it all for you, Twisted style! $50


Athena Bracelet

A touch of Greco-Romanesque makes this cuff a simple, eye-catching winner. $40