Twisted Staples for Signature Style

Twisted Silver’s designs so original and yet simple that they easily become fundamental accessory staples, those special pieces are worn again and again to create a variety of looks that create a unique and signature style that is all you.  Whether you stack up bling rings on one finger, layer a few bracelets on each wrist, or convert a long necklace into a multi-wrapped choker, you can easily create a groove that is all your own with stunning results for any occasion. Here are favorites from our staff and fans: 

Debbie Mitchell, Twisted Designer: Oh, the Classic XO bracelet! What bracelets can’t you stack it with?  It works with everything.  I find myself wearing it with just such a wide variety of outfits… vintage fitted wool dresses and ¾ length sleeved jackets to showcase my bracelets.  In fact, I’ve even been known to go so far as to cut long sleeve t-shirts to ¾ length, because I want to show off the Classic XO bracelet!

Classic XO bracelet

Elizabeth Johnson, Operations Manager:  My two all time favorite accessory staples are the Athena bracelet or Beanik bracelet in antiqued silver.  If it’s silver day, I wear the beatnik bracelet.  To fancy it up, I stack the Tangle Bangle for more shine.  If it’s a gold day, I wear the Athena bracelet.  To make it more dressy, I double-wrap the  Tag Convertible in gold to punch it up a bit.   

Athena Tag Convertible Gold  Beatnik Bracelet Ant Silver Tangle Bangle

Tina Gregory, Online Marketing Manager: I build so many looks with Chain Maille bracelet.  I like to stack it with the Nautical bracelet and ALWAYS get comments.  I love copper and the Hope necklace worn as a necklace or double-wrapped as bracelet and stacked with Chain Maille is perfect.  A surprising sweetener to the Chain Maille are the Flower earrings  a little rock star yet a little on the girly side! 

Chain Maille Bracelet Nautical Bracelet Hope Necklace Flower Earrings

Julie, Twisted Fan: Twisted Silver’s earrings are second to none, and definitely my accessory staples!  I wear my hair shoulder length and tucked behind my ears or in an up-do just to show off my Serenity earrings, Hip Hoops, or Tassel in silver.  It doesn’t matter if I’m cheering on my boy’s soccer team or going on a date with my hubby, my Twisted earrings always make me feel stylish and original.


Serenity Earrings  Hip Hoops Gold Tassel Silver

Stacey, Twisted Fan: I find myself wearing the Tag convertible in silver often as a plain choker, or with the Sparkle charm attached.  Sometimes I double wrap the Tag convertible for a bracelet and stack it with the Clink bracelet or the Bubbles bracelet in silver.  I just love the cheery noise!

Tag silver Sparkle Charm  Clink bracelet Bubbles silver

What are you Twisted Staples?  Comment below!


One thought on “Twisted Staples for Signature Style

  1. Alabaster Bracelet worn with Clink Bracelet, or the Beatnik Bracelet worn with the Clink bracelet. If I am feeling dressy I will add the Bubbles Bracelet or the Uptown Bracelet.

    The Beatnik necklace graces my neck.

    I further accessorise with the Go-Go Belt, and either my Bling earrings or my Shower earrings, depending on how I want to roll.

    A Very Twisted Addict Jennifer

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