Attention Buyers and Retailers: Twisted Silver at L.A Fashion Market Week!

LA Fashion District

Twisted Silver has the spotlight at Los Angeles Fashion Market Week March 20th thru 24th at Corina Collections.  Buyers and retailers, mark your calendars and come see what the buzz is all about!


The LA Fashion District is where the business of fashion happens. 80% of the LA Fashion District is comprised of wholesale-related business and is the hub of the apparel industry on the West Coast. Buyers, retailers, wholesalers and designers all gather, creating an exciting synergy that has become synonymous with Los Angeles fashion. The world looks to LA and the LA Fashion District for the cutting edge styles that are influencing the way the world dresses. For wholesale buyers and retailers, the LA Fashion District is an essential destination.

PLEASE NOTE, market weeks are for the trade only and are not open to the general public.  To view the complete line of Twisted Silver designs, please call or email for an appointment.

Corina Collections

New Mart Building

127 East Ninth Street Suite 807

Los Angeles, CA  90015

T: 213.553.9290    F:213.553.9291



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