Kelly Boitano Captures Deb

Kelly Boitano is a rising star in the photography world.  In a recent photo shoot, she captured Twisted Silver designer, Deb Mitchell, to a tee.   She chose natural settings, backdrops with texture.  How very Twisted like to match the raw with the refined!


Be sure to see more in the Deb collection at Kelly’s blog.  Watch for more Boitano photos featuring Twisted Silver jewelry.  You can say you knew her when…



Sweet Solo or Stunning Stacked

Recessionistas, enrich your own personal style! Mix, match and pair your way to multiple looks all with Twisted – without spending a fortune.  The simple pieces are the foundation.  Simple pieces can create a subtle sweetness worn solo.  Paired and blended with other pieces, that same simple design takes on a whole new personality.  The good news: all Twisted Silver jewelry is designed to work together!  Take a look at these simple pieces that easily go from solo to stunning in a skinny minute:

The Chic Necklace is sweet, simple and delicate

 silver-chic.jpg  newchiclsilver.jpg


Pair the Chic with the Flower Dome Ring, Bandwidth Ring and the Sparkle Bling Ring and you go from zero to chic in a flash… without breaking the harmony of simplicity.


flower-dome-ring.jpg bandwidth.jpg sparkle-bling-ring.jpg

Do you have favorite pieces that are sweet worn solo or stunning stacked and paired?  Not only do we want your comments, but also send us pictures of your pairings at tina[at]twisted-silver[dot]com   You might be the next Twisted model!


Let Your Diva Show!

Inside you’re creative and artistic, a thing of originality and beauty.  You’re distinctively feminine.  You are intelligent and refined, but with an undercurrent of unbreakable sass.  You, my friend, are a diva, and the Diva choker and the Diva necklace were made for you.

Asymmetrical design and antiqued feather-light brass flowers that melt to your skin make these pieces stunning.  Wear alone for simplicity, or stack together for statement.  Let your Diva show!   



diva-choker.jpg  diva-necklace.jpg

Vera Wang’s Struttin’ Long Necklaces

What a thrilling trend for Twisted fans!  The models strutting Vera Wang’s spring runways were sporting long, opera length statement necklaces.  Big, bold, and long means causing a fashion flutter in the room with the ease of draping just one (or two) pieces over your neck.  What could be simpler?  The fact that long and lean necklaces make you look, well… long and lean, is just the sprinkles on the donut in our books.


 091208_wang_400×400.jpg  0915_vera-wang-spring-09-necklace_li.jpg

And check out Carrie Underwood’s long multi-strand metal jingliness!




Step on over to the long side of Twisted, with some of these stunners:


Cotton Pod Opera:  Vintage style cotton pods on this ultra long brass chain with Victorian details is light and will never look the same twice- mix and match this one with a chunky Pulse necklace!


Trinket Necklace: This eclectic mix of vintage and current funky finds dangling on brass chain is boutique shopping at its best.


Candy Wrapper Necklace: Yum, the sweet flavor of spring just gets sweeter with this long necklace inspired by sea glass and penny candy!

Is wearing opera length – or longer – necklaces pushing your comfort zone?  Are you willing to give it a try this spring?  Comment below!

Best Email of the Day!

We all love Twisted, and it’s so much fun to get fan mail from another “Twisted Junkie”.  Here’s an email from a new fan… isn’t she great??? 

It was bound to happen. For months now I have been eyeing all of the shiny baubles at .
Heck I’ve even entered contests trying to win a piece, but no luck there.
Yesterday morning when I learned that the Diva choker was half price, I tiptoed into my bedroom and with nerves of steel,
I slipped my visa from my purse as my husband slumbered peacefully just inches away.
Oh yeah, I’m one twisted mother now.
And I like it!
🙂 Southrngal

We love you too, Southerngal! You’re in the good company of numerous Twisted Mothers!


Break a Few Rules in the Name of Style

In fashion there are set unbreakable rules.  You would never attend your sophisticated auntie’s wedding in your neon pink string bikini.  Letting your bra strap show (well, on purpose) is never okay outside of a Jerry Springer episode.  But then there are the slighter fashion rules that are a lot more pliable then you think.  These softer rules can bend and break without offending the eye but instead cause a curious smirk.  It creates a quirky, funky style with still the right balance of sweetness to fly right under the radar of conventions.  When it comes to rule breaking jewelry, Twisted Silver is the reigning queen!  Take another look at some of our favorite rule breakers and see how they can inject the perfect amount of sassiness into your style.

The Pod bracelet breaks the rule of equal weight chains.  The chunky chain and the small links are not supposed to go together.  However, the conflict resolves itself on your wrist and instead creates visual interest


The Diva choker breaks the rule that says you have to have symmetrical design pieces and that you must have the clasp in the back.  The Diva says “HA!” to that convention, and does it such with delicate, feminine style that there is no room for argument.   The Diva choker is specially priced this week only.


Twisted Hoops break the rule that hoops are always classically elegant.  They go one step farther by sporting antique finish tags no less!


Check out the newly redesigned Chic necklaces in brass or silver.  Always a fan favorite since 2005, the Chic necklaces get a fresh make-over design each year.  You can count on their rule-breakiness as well as their easy wearability.  Yep, clasp goes in the front!

new-chic-brass.jpg  newchiclsilver.jpg

So how will you break a fashion rule this week?  Comment below!

Contrast Creates Complexity

Don’t we all love complexity and contrast?  It’s what makes us sigh seeing a big macho, hunk of a guy tenderly cradling his new born baby.  It’s what makes us gasp at the shy and forgettable wall-flower who steps up to sing the most beautiful solo you’ve ever heard.  It’s what makes us stand up and cheer for the underdog on American Idol.  Contrasting statements cause double-takes and give us hope, because they remind us that we have not figured it all out.  And we like surprises!

Twisted Silver celebrates the unexpected contrast like no other.  Mixing opposing textures, colors and finishes into one design makes stand-up-and-take notices pieces that can deepen the complexity of your look in a snap.

Lets take the Hope necklace for starters.  In essence, it’s just a chain necklace.  But your eye trips over smooth shiny links interrupted by the delicacy of the small textured links.  It’s unexpected, interesting and adds dimension to something otherwise ordinary.


Then there’s the 7 Bracelet.  The edgy thick bangles are softened with a few thinner, feminine ones.  The two bangles styles play against each other artfully.


The Flower earrings contrast lacy feminine flowers with brassy and edgy chain.  The flowers take some of the hard edge off of the chain and the chain keeps the flowers from being too girly.  Beautifully balanced contrast!



Of course, no piece in the line contrasts better than the Contrast Necklace, specially priced this week only.  Delicate chain and chunky chain, black and white, perfect spheres and asymmetrical hammered brass all create contrast upon contrast.



Looking for an even bolder contrasting statement?  Try stacking two or three contrasting bracelets.  Which would they be?  Comment below!

Idol Judge, Kara DioGuardi, Spotted Wearing Twisted!

American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, was spotted wearing Twisted Silver’s Rocker necklace in gold during her ET interview Kelly Clarkson on March 11th. 

The Rocker necklace is classic Twisted originality at its best, and the leather version is also a favorite of Rockstar and Dancing with the Stars celeb, Brooke Burke.

Catch American Idol on Tuesdays 8 pm /7 pm central and Wednesdays 9 pm/8 pm central and see if you can spot more Twisted designs on our favorite judge!


The 1-2-3’s of Fashion Forward, Twisted Style

Fashion Forward people walk the front-lines of style.  The very definition of style is “displaying a particular, distinctive, or characteristic manner”.  It means you have a look about you that is unique and current, pulling in elements of the latest trends without abandoning that timeless quality.  It means what you wear on the outside accurately pronounces who you are on the inside —  in no uncertain terms. 

A piece or two of Twisted Silver designs is all it takes to create a fashion forward look in a matter of seconds with the confidence that you’re sporting cutting edge style, and yet marching to the beat of your own drummer.  Ready to step up to the front-lines?  It’s as easy as 1-2-3….

Firstly, don’t fear the BIG.  Oversized and bold designs create a stand-out-style that can define your look in a flash (and for a heck of a lot less $$ than a whole new wardrobe).  Keep your clothing simple, and try wearing one BIG piece.  All of a sudden you’re a hip fashionista without even trying!  Take the Medallion Necklace for example: so much going on visually with the European style architecture and unique chain!  It’s long enough to lengthen the torso, bold enough for second appreciative looks.  The medallion piece is removable, for looks that call for a simple long chain.


Secondly, cut loose from the ties of what you’re “supposed” to wear.  Sounds scary, I know.  HOWEVER, with one Twisted showcase piece you can color outside of the lines with confidence.   If you’re just stepping out into the front of fashion, start out with a statement ring like the Swiss Army.  Rings are not “supposed” to stretch from knuckle to knuckle!  It’s bold, clean lines are going to define that you are not always a go-with-the-flow gal.  Yet, its simplicity keeps your look from being ostentatious.  Not a bad place to start!



Lastly, try a hint of the well-placed ornate.  Draw attention with a bit of complexity with swirls, intricate embossing and visual interest.  A perfect piece is the Stage Bracelet:  baroque and brassy, yet tempered by simple chain.  Worn dressy with elegant white satin or to the office with a ¾ length jacket, everyone will be in awe of your style.


To celebrate your fashion forward style, be sure to check out the two new stand-out pieces: the Justice Cuff and the Warrior Necklace.  And as a fabulous gift, the Vibe Ring is very specially discounted this week only (I’m not joking, don’t pass up this one!!).


What fashion forward piece is calling out to you?  Visit and then comment below!