Convertible Jewelry: Get More Looks from ONE Piece

Twisted fans are chic and edgy, stylish and hip.  We can be quirky and full of personality.  Our moods tend to shift from funky to sophisticated from day to day, but we’re a creative lot and always on the go.  What’s the accessory answer for instant and changing style in a snap?  Convertible jewelry!  These are single designs can be worn different ways to transform the whole feel of your look.  Here are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowin’….

Align Convertible 

Ah, our all-time favorite three-way convertible.  Worn long and lean for a carefree style.  Double wrap for an edgy choker that still flies under the “office wear” radar.  Or really rock it out as a multi-wrap bracelet to do your denim sassy justice!

 align-long.jpg align-choker.jpg  align-bracelet.jpg


Chain Maille Necklace 

My personal fave is the Chain Maille necklace.  Multiple strands of base metals look hard and heavy, but feel light and delicate.  Worn as a necklace with a basic blouse and structured jacket creates an elegance with an ever-so-slight edginess.  Then after 5 pm on Friday, multi wrap it as a bracelet and you’re flaunting serious rock star style!



Luxe Necklace 

The Luxe is everything the Chain Maille can do, but with softer side.  Worn either as a necklace or double-wrapped for a bracelet, the feminine swirls and loops create elegant visual interest, but with a brassy undertone.


 luxe-necklace.jpg  luxe-as-bracelet.jpg

One exciting thing about Twisted is that our fans come up with new and interesting ways to wear Twisted designs.  Have you a favorite – if unconventional – way to wear one of your favorite Twisted pieces?  Comment below!


One thought on “Convertible Jewelry: Get More Looks from ONE Piece

  1. I have a patchwork necklace, and my daughter broke the necklace, resulting in several lost links. I pieced the necklace back together, albeit incorrectly, but the chain just took on a new and fabulous look. Twisted Silver looks good no matter what you put it through!

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