Contrast Creates Complexity

Don’t we all love complexity and contrast?  It’s what makes us sigh seeing a big macho, hunk of a guy tenderly cradling his new born baby.  It’s what makes us gasp at the shy and forgettable wall-flower who steps up to sing the most beautiful solo you’ve ever heard.  It’s what makes us stand up and cheer for the underdog on American Idol.  Contrasting statements cause double-takes and give us hope, because they remind us that we have not figured it all out.  And we like surprises!

Twisted Silver celebrates the unexpected contrast like no other.  Mixing opposing textures, colors and finishes into one design makes stand-up-and-take notices pieces that can deepen the complexity of your look in a snap.

Lets take the Hope necklace for starters.  In essence, it’s just a chain necklace.  But your eye trips over smooth shiny links interrupted by the delicacy of the small textured links.  It’s unexpected, interesting and adds dimension to something otherwise ordinary.


Then there’s the 7 Bracelet.  The edgy thick bangles are softened with a few thinner, feminine ones.  The two bangles styles play against each other artfully.


The Flower earrings contrast lacy feminine flowers with brassy and edgy chain.  The flowers take some of the hard edge off of the chain and the chain keeps the flowers from being too girly.  Beautifully balanced contrast!



Of course, no piece in the line contrasts better than the Contrast Necklace, specially priced this week only.  Delicate chain and chunky chain, black and white, perfect spheres and asymmetrical hammered brass all create contrast upon contrast.



Looking for an even bolder contrasting statement?  Try stacking two or three contrasting bracelets.  Which would they be?  Comment below!


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