Break a Few Rules in the Name of Style

In fashion there are set unbreakable rules.  You would never attend your sophisticated auntie’s wedding in your neon pink string bikini.  Letting your bra strap show (well, on purpose) is never okay outside of a Jerry Springer episode.  But then there are the slighter fashion rules that are a lot more pliable then you think.  These softer rules can bend and break without offending the eye but instead cause a curious smirk.  It creates a quirky, funky style with still the right balance of sweetness to fly right under the radar of conventions.  When it comes to rule breaking jewelry, Twisted Silver is the reigning queen!  Take another look at some of our favorite rule breakers and see how they can inject the perfect amount of sassiness into your style.

The Pod bracelet breaks the rule of equal weight chains.  The chunky chain and the small links are not supposed to go together.  However, the conflict resolves itself on your wrist and instead creates visual interest


The Diva choker breaks the rule that says you have to have symmetrical design pieces and that you must have the clasp in the back.  The Diva says “HA!” to that convention, and does it such with delicate, feminine style that there is no room for argument.   The Diva choker is specially priced this week only.


Twisted Hoops break the rule that hoops are always classically elegant.  They go one step farther by sporting antique finish tags no less!


Check out the newly redesigned Chic necklaces in brass or silver.  Always a fan favorite since 2005, the Chic necklaces get a fresh make-over design each year.  You can count on their rule-breakiness as well as their easy wearability.  Yep, clasp goes in the front!

new-chic-brass.jpg  newchiclsilver.jpg

So how will you break a fashion rule this week?  Comment below!


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