Sweet Solo or Stunning Stacked

Recessionistas, enrich your own personal style! Mix, match and pair your way to multiple looks all with Twisted – without spending a fortune.  The simple pieces are the foundation.  Simple pieces can create a subtle sweetness worn solo.  Paired and blended with other pieces, that same simple design takes on a whole new personality.  The good news: all Twisted Silver jewelry is designed to work together!  Take a look at these simple pieces that easily go from solo to stunning in a skinny minute:

The Chic Necklace is sweet, simple and delicate

 silver-chic.jpg  newchiclsilver.jpg


Pair the Chic with the Flower Dome Ring, Bandwidth Ring and the Sparkle Bling Ring and you go from zero to chic in a flash… without breaking the harmony of simplicity.


flower-dome-ring.jpg bandwidth.jpg sparkle-bling-ring.jpg

Do you have favorite pieces that are sweet worn solo or stunning stacked and paired?  Not only do we want your comments, but also send us pictures of your pairings at tina[at]twisted-silver[dot]com   You might be the next Twisted model!



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