Brassy Personality

Brass is Twisted Silver’s non-conforming element of choice.  Brass jewelry is ever changing, taking on a personality of it’s own the more you wear it.  Bracelets worn often become smoother and shine in unpredictable patterns.  Rings and necklaces take on color over time – blacker, darker, greener, yellower —  ensuring the uniqueness of your look.   

Take a look at the Warrior necklace which features blackened brass:



Brass especially reveals personality when fire-treated as with the Gypsy necklace:  


Brass accessories play well with any other metal accents, bringing added depth to traditional silver and gold, which is why brass is the basic metal that has long-term trend staying power.  Explore stacking your brass jewelry with your most loved sentimental pieces.  


Designer Debra Mitchell says, “I just love brass, which gives a soft look, an almost heirloom vintage feel to even my most modern designs.  Its versatility lends itself to delicate looks as easily as edgy. ”   The very essence of Twisted Silver is offbeat – the use of vintage and salvaged elements, raw material designs and intrinsic parts – and the brassy personality of brass is the perfect medium. Visit Twisted Silver for a wide variety of brass jewelry.  What are your favorite brass pieces and how do you rock them?


Sneak Peek Thursday: River and Planet Bracelets

Yep, it’s Sneak Peek Thursday at Twisted! I just crept in super-stealth mode down the hall to the design room when no one was looking — which is fun no matter what day it is, because I am still clutching to my childhood dream of a career in spycraft… but I digress.  What I saw made me squeal and nearly break my cover!  YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THESE two new bracelets launching on Tuesday!  My lack of lip-zipping skills kept me out of secret agent school, so I’m spilling the beans and showing you what’s in store. 

Coming Tuesday are two bracelets that show the FUN personality of brass and copper. Base metal doesn’t always have to be edgy, and these two pieces show off artistic and playful moods.  Have a little fun with your look and cause a double-take with these two stunning bracelets arriving on April 28!


Planet Bracelet: Fun beads drawing from a variety of vintage sources, the Planet bracelet is a perfect stand-alone piece or dazzling stacked with bangles.  Create an otherworldly sensation! $60 and arriving on Tuesday, April 28 from Twisted Silver.




River Bracelet: A medley of chains move and flow like a river flowing over pebbles in this fun yet substantial showpiece.  This statement bracelet is the only accessory you need for ultimate distinction.  $80 and arriving on Tueday, April 28 from Twisted Silver.


We want to hear from you!  What do you think about these two? How would you rock it? What outfit would would be transformed by one of these pieces?

Twisted Moms

Twisted Moms come in all ages and styles, but they have one thing in common: their personal style puts them on the fashion map wherever they go!  What type of Twisted Mom do you have – or what kind of Twisted Mom are YOU?  Explore below and discover which design will make Mother’s Day just that much more Twisted.

Boho Glam Mom     


The Boho Glam Mom is the quintessential haute hippie.  She wears her peasant blouses and loose-fitting flowery prints and carries a designer hobo bag.  Her personality is easy–going, eco-hip and artistic.  Boho Glam is a hot trend for this spring as seen all over the fashion runways.  Your Boho Glam Mom would be thrilled to wear the Motif earrings or the Tre necklace.


Rocker Mom


Bold and edgy the Rocker Mom lives by the code of distressed denim and leather, boots and sparkly sandals.  She’s the queen of layers, with her tanks and tees as well as her bracelets and necklaces. Daring and risk taking, the rocker puts glitz and metallics into her essential look.  American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, might have motherhood in her future, and if she does we already know she rocks Twisted! Pick up the 7 Bracelet and the Scroll Ring for the Rocker mom in your life.


Style Setter Mom


The Style Setter Mom is on the forefront of the latest buzz on everything current and up to the second, from the NY Times best seller list to the trendiest exercise craze.  She’s unafraid to try bold statements — much like Gwen Stefani’s cutting edge style.  The Stage Bracelet and the XO Belt would fit perfectly with any fashion forward mom.



Vintage Mom

The Vintage Mom is able to take the best of days gone by and create a timeless look.  From Old Hollywood glam to the updated retro jumpsuit, the vintage mom loves the history of fashion.  From antiqued metal glitz to groovy resin, the Vintage Mom would love the Zone earrings and Hepburn earrings.


Sophisticated Mom

The Sophisticated Mom is the very essence of a lady. Classy and well-manicured, she is always put-together.  Her uptown good taste is radiant, soft and feminine.   Katie Holmes is the sophisticated mom of 2009 as Jackie Kennedy was for the 60’s. Your Sophisticate Mom would love the Luxe convertible and the Instinct Chic in brass.


So…. which mom are YOU?  Which mom is YOUR MOM? 


Sneak Peek Thursday: Old World Designs Arriving April 21

The best thing about Thursdays (well, other than being one day closer to Friday) is that it’s the day you get a sneak peek of what new Twisted Silver designs are arriving on Tuesday.  This April 21 will be all about a vintage vibe with a modern twist, and the new Old World bracelet and necklace are bound to become part of your must-wear collection.

oldworld-2.jpg  oldworld-3.jpg 

The Old World necklace is so beautiful!  Antiqued matte finish chain with designing inspired from Eastern Europe, it has an heirloom feel.  The best part is this necklace does double-duty in its convertibility: wear it as a long necklace or double wrap it for a short necklace.   Both looks are unique and amazing, and so different from each other.  Recessionistas, convertible accessories are the way to go!


The Old World bracelet takes the simple, vintage-inspired styling from the necklace to create this beautiful wrist adornment.  So style flexible, this beauty can be worn effortlessly at the workplace or at your next weekend getaway.  No matter where you take it, you’ll feel like you just found a treasure in your auntie’s jewelry box, and yet right in line with the modern metal trend.

Looking for a chance to win an Old World bracelet?  Check out some of the fantastic fashion blogs listed below that are hosting  Old World bracelet giveaways.  Contest rules may vary, so read carefully.  Enjoy the wonderful posts while you are there!

Style It Less 



Mark your calendars for April 21st when the Old World designs arrive at Twisted Silver… and just in time for Mother’s Day!


Hoops are the period at the end of the sentence of your look.  Always classic, they will be stretch a wide range: everything from evening gowns to boyfriend shorts.  Twisted Silver has a pair of hoops for your every mood… always above and beyond the call of jewelry!


Twisted Hoops – Simple yet rocker edgy in antiqued brass or silver:




Apples Earrings – Statement sized, artistic and interesting:




Hip Hoops – Sophisticated and available in silver or gold, with black, crystal or pearl:




Wrap Hoops – Big and attention-getting, yet light weight:




Saturn Earrings – Fun and flirtatious:




What hoops speak your mood?  

Searching for the Bargain Fabulous Fashion Grail

Looking for the hottest look for spring without making your ATM card cringe? BargainFabulous and FashionGrail are two new-to-Twisted blogs that are so worth checking out for absolutely accessible looks you can wear tomorrow. 




BargainFabulous utilizes fashion sense, celebrity influence on fashion and discounted prices, to post the hottest, trendiest, most fabulous celebrity inspired looks to make them available and achievable for everyone.  Twisted Silver’s Circle Bracelet was chosen to get Demi’s hot surfer body style ala Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.   




Twisted Street Chic: Part II

Street Chic is just too cool for one blog post, and to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of TWO MORE XO Brass pieces (with oh so amazingly artistic downtown groove!) lets take a look at three more Twisted pieces that will rock your city style:


The Twisted Tag earrings are a simple statement of precisely how Twisted you truly are.  Antiqued and edgy in silver or brass, they rock your look anywhere.

 twisted-tag-earrings-gold.jpg  twisted-tag-earrings-silver.jpg

The Octagon Chain earrings are sized as a showcase pieces to be the finishing touch on your rock star style.



The Edge Bracelet is loaded with interest, from the hammered copper design to the paperclip inspired chain.



Tuesday’s new arrivals are the high point of street chic: the XO Brass Opera and the XO Brass Necklace.  Wear them solo, double wrap them, stack them together and the paparazzi will be compelled to snap you picture.  And as your special gift, check out the staff fave: the Chain Maille bracelet for 1/3 off this week only.   How are you going to rock your street chic this week? 

Sneak Peek Thursday: XO Brass Necklace and Opera!

Two more XO Brass designs join the downtown coolness Tuesday, April 14.  Check out the seriously show-stoppin XO Brass Necklace and XO Brass Opera!  Are these rockin’ amazing or what?  Brass, artistic, original and super city chic…  I really couldn’t wait to give you a glimpse of what’s comin on Tuesday!


xonecklace.jpg  xoopera.jpg


So… what do YOU think!!?!

Twisted Street Chic

Street chic is your own personal and 100% original style… dead-on-point current with just enough attitude to be oh so cool.  Whether your struttin Downtown Anywhere in Converse or Manolos, boyfriend jeans or True Religion, the urban style is edgy and individual but most of all TWISTED!

As you’re slipping on your Tom Fords or your new Thriving Ink art tee, Twisted Silver puts the rock in your rock star look.  Check out these pieces that scream Street Chic and create a style that is uniquely yours:

The Attitude Bracelet is seven surprisingly lightweight aluminum chains.   Matte finish and raw, flaunt your attitude! 

Hardware Necklace is where antiqued chain meets plated chain as a necklace or as a multi-wrapped bracelet.  Your downtown cool will never been in question!

Square One Ring is so unique, brassy and statement sized to get attention.

Of course, the new XO Brass Choker and XO Brass Bracelet were born to be urban hip and have arrived today!

   xo-choker.jpg  xobrass.jpg

What does your street chic look like?  Comment below!

Sneak Peek! XO Brass Arrive Tuesday!

I love everything Twisted.  AND sometimes there are designs that I just never want to take off, come fire or flood.  You know, those pieces that I just can’t wait another millisecond to share with my Twisted peeps?  Oh, the new XO Brass collection are just those pieces, my friends!  Both are arriving on Tuesday, April 7th.  Set an alarm on your iPhone right now.





XO Brass Bracelet

The asymmetrical yet balanced design artistically draws double-takes with an edgy, urban feel.  We’re talkin city chic.  This is one of those designs that can rock denim as it can silk.  $50




XO Brass Choker

This perfect every-day choker unexpectedly balances delicate chain with a heavy bold focal point.  It’s at once sweet with a sassiness, with which I am totally in love!  Because it really walks both worlds, it’s ideal for fickle spring weather.  Wear it easy with  sweaters as well as lighter weight tanks.  $50


Really, the only thing better than these two pieces arriving Tuesday is that TWO MORE designs in this collection will also be available on April 14!  Stay tuned for the sneak peek of the XO Necklace and the XO Opera (I know, I’m on the edge of my seat too!)


If 1 is “eh, not so hot” and 10 is “OMG MUST HAVE!” how would you rate the XO Brass Bracelet and XO Brass Choker?