Sneak Peek! XO Brass Arrive Tuesday!

I love everything Twisted.  AND sometimes there are designs that I just never want to take off, come fire or flood.  You know, those pieces that I just can’t wait another millisecond to share with my Twisted peeps?  Oh, the new XO Brass collection are just those pieces, my friends!  Both are arriving on Tuesday, April 7th.  Set an alarm on your iPhone right now.





XO Brass Bracelet

The asymmetrical yet balanced design artistically draws double-takes with an edgy, urban feel.  We’re talkin city chic.  This is one of those designs that can rock denim as it can silk.  $50




XO Brass Choker

This perfect every-day choker unexpectedly balances delicate chain with a heavy bold focal point.  It’s at once sweet with a sassiness, with which I am totally in love!  Because it really walks both worlds, it’s ideal for fickle spring weather.  Wear it easy with  sweaters as well as lighter weight tanks.  $50


Really, the only thing better than these two pieces arriving Tuesday is that TWO MORE designs in this collection will also be available on April 14!  Stay tuned for the sneak peek of the XO Necklace and the XO Opera (I know, I’m on the edge of my seat too!)


If 1 is “eh, not so hot” and 10 is “OMG MUST HAVE!” how would you rate the XO Brass Bracelet and XO Brass Choker?


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek! XO Brass Arrive Tuesday!

  1. Absolutely 9.99 {repeating of course}… that little bit left out is just to shut my husband up 😉 I could just imagine them paired together – what outfit would I wear??

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