Twisted Moms

Twisted Moms come in all ages and styles, but they have one thing in common: their personal style puts them on the fashion map wherever they go!  What type of Twisted Mom do you have – or what kind of Twisted Mom are YOU?  Explore below and discover which design will make Mother’s Day just that much more Twisted.

Boho Glam Mom     


The Boho Glam Mom is the quintessential haute hippie.  She wears her peasant blouses and loose-fitting flowery prints and carries a designer hobo bag.  Her personality is easy–going, eco-hip and artistic.  Boho Glam is a hot trend for this spring as seen all over the fashion runways.  Your Boho Glam Mom would be thrilled to wear the Motif earrings or the Tre necklace.


Rocker Mom


Bold and edgy the Rocker Mom lives by the code of distressed denim and leather, boots and sparkly sandals.  She’s the queen of layers, with her tanks and tees as well as her bracelets and necklaces. Daring and risk taking, the rocker puts glitz and metallics into her essential look.  American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, might have motherhood in her future, and if she does we already know she rocks Twisted! Pick up the 7 Bracelet and the Scroll Ring for the Rocker mom in your life.


Style Setter Mom


The Style Setter Mom is on the forefront of the latest buzz on everything current and up to the second, from the NY Times best seller list to the trendiest exercise craze.  She’s unafraid to try bold statements — much like Gwen Stefani’s cutting edge style.  The Stage Bracelet and the XO Belt would fit perfectly with any fashion forward mom.



Vintage Mom

The Vintage Mom is able to take the best of days gone by and create a timeless look.  From Old Hollywood glam to the updated retro jumpsuit, the vintage mom loves the history of fashion.  From antiqued metal glitz to groovy resin, the Vintage Mom would love the Zone earrings and Hepburn earrings.


Sophisticated Mom

The Sophisticated Mom is the very essence of a lady. Classy and well-manicured, she is always put-together.  Her uptown good taste is radiant, soft and feminine.   Katie Holmes is the sophisticated mom of 2009 as Jackie Kennedy was for the 60’s. Your Sophisticate Mom would love the Luxe convertible and the Instinct Chic in brass.


So…. which mom are YOU?  Which mom is YOUR MOM? 



5 thoughts on “Twisted Moms

  1. I’m really a combo of Rocker Mom and Boho Glam Mom, depending on my mood. I WISH I could be a Sophisticated Mom, but really I never reach that. My mom isn’t really listed here, as Trailer Trash Mom isn’t a selection.

  2. It all depends on how much time the little one gives me to get a look together in the morning – would love to be more of a style setter but I think I’m vintage with a splash of sophistication!

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