Brassy Personality

Brass is Twisted Silver’s non-conforming element of choice.  Brass jewelry is ever changing, taking on a personality of it’s own the more you wear it.  Bracelets worn often become smoother and shine in unpredictable patterns.  Rings and necklaces take on color over time – blacker, darker, greener, yellower —  ensuring the uniqueness of your look.   

Take a look at the Warrior necklace which features blackened brass:



Brass especially reveals personality when fire-treated as with the Gypsy necklace:  


Brass accessories play well with any other metal accents, bringing added depth to traditional silver and gold, which is why brass is the basic metal that has long-term trend staying power.  Explore stacking your brass jewelry with your most loved sentimental pieces.  


Designer Debra Mitchell says, “I just love brass, which gives a soft look, an almost heirloom vintage feel to even my most modern designs.  Its versatility lends itself to delicate looks as easily as edgy. ”   The very essence of Twisted Silver is offbeat – the use of vintage and salvaged elements, raw material designs and intrinsic parts – and the brassy personality of brass is the perfect medium. Visit Twisted Silver for a wide variety of brass jewelry.  What are your favorite brass pieces and how do you rock them?


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