Sashay into Spring with Tassels

The swinging vintage quality of tassels conjure images ranging from regal to retro and are a KEY TREND for spring and summer.


Fashion’s Side Dish called it back in November:

“Tassel n Tease – on bags, shoes and jewelry – buy a new bag/shoe or just buy a tassel and attach to your existing bag (instant upgrade!)”

tassel-sandal.jpg Daily picked up on it in February:

“Enter the tassel of 2009. It’s the quintessential accessory’s accessory–hanging from handbags, belts, shoes, and ears; draped on wrists and necks; they’re even sweetly sewed to scarf fringes. But no longer are they only made of thread, tassels of leather, suede and chain are the thing of the moment.”


Savvy Mode posted the trend a few weeks ago:

“Seeing fringes and tassels remind me of bygone eras of flappers from the roaring 20’s and the freedom loving spirits of the 60’s”


And….. Twisted Silver’s been swingin’ the tassels all year!  There are tassels for your your every look, from artistic to edgy!

The Tassel Necklace gives you a gorgeous Boho crocheted brass design ($60) and the Octagon Chain Earrings take the tassel trend to a rocker level ($40)

tassel-necklace.jpg   octagon-chain-earrings.jpg

Fan Earrings are sophisticated tassels ($50) and the Glam Earrings are old Hollywood style! ($30)

 fan-earrings.jpg  glam-earrings.jpg


Guilt Earrings have a vintage vibe ($25) and the Tassel Earrings ($30) are sweet swingy simplicity!


guilt-earrings.jpg tassel-silver-earrings.jpg


Which do you like best to sport the season’s Tassel Trend and what would you wear with it?


4 thoughts on “Sashay into Spring with Tassels

  1. Yes, tassels!! I love the swish swish swish they make, especially the earrings. Who could have a bad day when wearing tassels? I’m drawn to the Guilt earrings like I am to antique stores.

  2. Then I shall have tassels upon my toes as well.
    I like the Glam Earrings and I think I’d wear them to the theater.
    I love to dress up and go to the theater, don’t you?

  3. yes i love tassels! ou could really dress these up and down. If i were just going out with the girls i would wear jeans ans a sexy black top with my hair up and wear the tassel earrings with some sexy shoes. If i was going out with my husband i would wear a sexy black dress wit some pumps and wear these sexy tassel earrings!

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