Brad Pitt…..

Work at Twisted Silver headquarters came to an abrupt and high-pitched squealing halt this morning when my hubby, at the small local airport,  called to utter these cardiac-inducing words:

“Brad Pitt’s Gulf Stream just landed here and he’s getting out of his plane right now.”  [enter super sonic high-pitched squealing] 


After checking to ensure that dear hubby’s ear drums remained unharmed, I just had to instant message, Tweet, Facebook and text my red-blooded female circle the news.  His Royal HOTNESS had landed!


 Of course looking back, I SHOULD have been able to cast aside the cart wheeling hormones and work the celeb spotting to a Twisted advantage.  I mean, Angelina is one stylish lady.   I should have sped over there and sprinkled the interior of the G3 with Twisted Silver jewelry.  I mean, if Brad came home from his quick trip with a pair of Flower Earrings or maybe even the Flower Dome ring (because she could soooo rock them!) I was just carried away in the moment,  I guess Angelina will just need to find Twisted Silver on her own.



3 thoughts on “Brad Pitt…..

  1. If she knew how light-weight the earrings were, she would have to have them. I mean look at all the stuff she is having to carry: kids, diaper bags, etc…. no need to worry about the jewelery adding to everything.

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