Sneak Peak of ROCKER EARTH

Just got a quick snap shot of the new ROCKER EARTH necklace coming soon to the new Twisted Silver Salvage line this fall/winter.  Check out the hand pounded vintage spoon on an asymmetrical brass links and vermilion suede cord!   

ROCKER EARTH was placed in the VIP gift bags at the 17th Annual American Society of Young Musicians Awards which will honor music legend Beach Boys Brian Wilson.


I’m thinking rockin’ it with denim, boots and maybe some slightly fem/delicate earrings just for contrast. 

How would you rock ROCKER EARTH?


15 thoughts on “Sneak Peak of ROCKER EARTH

  1. WOW! How does she come up with these things? I love the distressed metal, and yes would look great “femmed” a little with delicate earrings or maybe a lacy top.

  2. This would make any black tee shirt and dark wash jean outfit pop! Seriously, just throw it on and suddenly I can go from picking up the kids to cocktails with my hubby!

  3. I like it! Can see it with the new outfit I would wear on Thanksgiving, it is so fall looking in a California style.

  4. Summer is Spaghetti-Strapped TankTop weather, and this rustic Rocker Earth necklace would look hot against a rockin’ tan. The little tank is a perfect showcase for this one-of-a-kind piece.

  5. I’ve got to agree w/A Mom in Red High Heels. Low cut skinny jeans, boots, and a tank… maybe an off the shoulder peasant style blouse in white with high espadrelles. Got to have an bracelet with it…. Chain maille or 7 Bracelet?

  6. This necklace is fabulous! Your style is soooo cool without trying too hard… that is why i love to follow twisted silver!

  7. What an awesome necklace! i was just checking out the jewelry at the twisted store and i have to say it has become one of my favorite sites to fantasize about gorgeous jewelry, i LOVE everything, and this has become now one of my favorite blogs, definitely adding it to my blog roll 😉

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