Twisted LOVES Jeffrey Campbell

If there was ever a shoe designer created to be a perfect match for Twisted Silver, it would have to be Jerffrey Campbell. 

 Based in LA, the line is created by Jeffrey himself with the help of his wife, Christine, and his small, but hard working staff. You can find Jeffrey Campbell being sold at your favorite brick-and-mortar boutiques nationwide, as well as in Canada, Europe and throughout Japan and all of Asia. The Jeffrey Campbell collection has also garnered a large following on the World Wide Web–being sold by specialty web boutiques and online shopping hot spots. With strong ties to street culture, music and vintage inspirations, the line has something to offer everyone.     

   jeffrey-campbell-mel-studded-sandal-balmain-knockoff.jpg rocker-earth-2-smaller.jpg

MEL features skinny vamp straps and a thick ankle cuff encrusted with silver rhinestones and lots of studs for a look that’s distinctly punk-meets-princess.  How AMAZING would these be with the new Rocker Earth necklace (for which we are all waiting as patiently as we possibly can!) 


jeffrey-campbell-shoes-flipped-orange-snake-010404.jpg  button-bracelet.jpg

 If Rocker isn’t your look, check out the FLIPPED skimmers with nonconformist squared toe, sassy snakeskin print and unique interlocking wooden rings that all combine into an amazing look, ideal for an casual or formal occasion.  I’m just thinking Button bracelet with these shoes and a swingy floral dress.  I guess they have a flirty yet vintage vibe. 


jeffrey-campbell-shoes-harris-tan-010404.jpg tre-necklace.jpg 

HARRIS suede bootie is so BohoGlam I just can’t stand it!  The Tre necklace and a flowing cream peasant top and slouchy capris! 

Enter the shoerific world of Jeffrey Campbell at Solestruck.  Are you as in love as I am?



4 thoughts on “Twisted LOVES Jeffrey Campbell

  1. I was eyeing those Mels but I’d probably twist an ankle or something. So chic, though. And perfect for the Rocker Earth necklace and fur bikini… ha!

  2. For any mom needing advice on how to be the style authority for your teenage daughter, buy some twisted silver. I guarantee she will steal it. It happened to me and i needed to buy a second chic necklace so i could have one for myself… I now have my eye on the trinket necklace… and so does my daughter…

  3. I am totally not a high heel sorta gal, but I loved the look of the MEL so much, I bought them on anyway. To my surprise and delight, they were actually comfortable and easy to walk in!!! The footbed is fully cushioned and the platform makes it so that the heel doesn’t feel as high. If you can afford them, BUY THEM!!

  4. The Mels are pretty extreme… but the detailing is so great. Those straps would actually make great jewelry pieces! I love the Flipped. Thanks for sharing – and the pairings with your jewelry are brilliant.

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