Sneak Peek: Peace&Love!

At Twisted Headquarters, the anticipation of new SALVAGE line coming this fall is building strong.   A few lucky Twisted staff members previewed the Peace&Love designs in the Boho Glam collection (A little perk of the job)  and they had a lot to report…

“Peace&Love should have been named Magnetism!  Perfect strangers get serious tunnel vision and approach.  In one instance, a woman even crossed the street to ask the proverbial question, “Where Did You Get That?” 



The response was so overwhelmingly strong, we decided not only to sneak peek a few pictures of Peace&Love pieces to our fans, but check this out….

… we’re launching the necklace, bangle and earrings early! That’s right, visit Twisted Silver on July 14th to inject your life with a little Peace&Love!

Peace&Love is a fresh take on these iconic symbols for all generations.  Substantial natural brass chain, antiqued brass peace and love designs, and bright cut glass create a romantic yet edgy sophistication.  The multi-era vintage inspiration is THE feminine rocker look for Twisted ladies of all ages.

peacelove-necklace.jpg  peacelove-earrings.jpg  pl-bangle-small-file.jpg

Coming soon will be the Peace&Love Belt that converts to a stunning long necklace!

So what do YOU think?


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Peace&Love!

  1. I love the earrings! Ever since Twisted, I have no interest in perfectly shiny. So much more character in the tarnished, old fashioned treatment.

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