The Arrival of SALVAGE

At long last, the new Twisted Silver SALVAGE line for fall and winter has arrived.  A few new must-have designs will be released every Tuesday from now until February to keep you cutting edge current.



The SALVAGE line is drawn from unique and unpredictable sources of raw materials, often the throwaway by-products from industry, recycled into ultra chic.  These forgotten parts SALVAGED into forward fashion fall into three memorable collections.   

Watch for edgy industrial designs salvaged from the workbench, tack room or machine shop.  Twisted designer, Debra Mitchell, has captured the art of twisting conventionally masculine items into heart-thumping designs to send you into rocker chic overdrive.  Metals pounded, fired and flattened create an edgy fierceness, tempered just enough to be almost delicate.  Almost.

Look for designs salvaged from the 70’s and 80’s … Boho Glam never looked so hot and updated! These jaw-dropping vintage designs deliver a hip and edgy twist for the sophisticated hippie chick.

You’ll find designs salvaged and inspired from heirloom relics.   Glamorous, statement-making pieces for holiday affairs pull from ethnic sources ranging from Tibet to Spain to Elizabethan England and boast rich, deep and dark tones for an eclectic, regal vibe. 

In general, shiny plated metals are fading into the distance in place of metal-in-the-raw.  Look for steel and silver with a flat, antiqued finish.  Brass will continue to take a starring role, especially with fire-treated and blackened finishes.  Large stick-and-hoop toggle clasps as well as tiny bangles are new.  Convertible pieces are still very much a Twisted ideal, with a new STUNNING belt that converts into an even better long necklace.

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Announcing Twisted Insiders!

Twisted Silver is pleased to announce the TWISTED INSIDERS for the Fall/Winter SALVAGE line.  These chic blogs have been chosen for their sense of individual style, their relentless pursuit of all things fashionable, their creative writing style and the overall coolness of their loyal readers.   

As a team, TWISTED INSIDERS will receive free un-released Twisted Silver designs from the upcoming SALVAGE line every month.  They will post their reviews for all to read, and many will host contests where readers can try their luck at winning a bit of Twisted. 

Take a moment to visit our TWISTED INSIDERS listed below.  Read, subscribe and visit often to get the inside scoop on the latest, newest and hottest Twisted Silver designs as well as other lively and interesting content!

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   urban-darling.jpg  Button 1  the_fashionable_housewife.png eliza_avatar125.png


Metallic Twist on the Cocktail Ring

 angelina-jolie-oscars-2009.jpg  kelly-carlson-chanel-cocktail-ring.jpg


Cocktail rings define glamorous.  Stunning, eye-catching and all over Hollywood, the bigger and better is where it’s at.  HOWEVER, If you’re not planning to be on the red carpet anytime soon, Twist the trend with mixed metals and rock statement rings to punch up any look… day or night.


 punch-kayla-small-file.jpg scroll-kayla-small-file.jpg


Don’t be afraid to try BIG AND BOLD rings!  Contrary to popular thought, big rings create contrast to small hands, and large designs can slenderize large fingers, and give proportion to large hands.  Create interest and define your own personal style.

vibe-ring.jpg  life-ring.jpg

Try the Life ring this week for 30% off.  Or stock up on stackable bling rings on the Twisted Outlet page!


Break out of the small-ring comfort zone.  Try bigger and bolder.  Multiple statement rings on one hand, try a power ring like Large Knot and put it together with Swiss Army.   Don’t forget your thumb- they look fabulous decked out in a wide band ring, and don’t give up on those small rings just yet.   Stacking small layered with small on a single finger- and Wow, you have a statement!   

So, how are YOU putting your own TWIST on the cocktail ring?


Uber Chic AND Eco-friendly

You know and love Twisted Silver for unparalleled cutting-edge style.  But did you know that being Twisted means also being green?


Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell, finds inspiration for her lines in all forms of unique metals and materials. Driven by turning distressed, cast off and forgotten items and recycling old buttons, hooks and clasps, Mitchell transforms unadorned pieces into new and fabulous designs.  Using vintage spoons, magazine paper, abandoned jewelry chains and antique trinkets, the jewelry is turned into a fresh modern re-creation.

Twisted Silver is Uber Chic yet Eco Friendly.



Sneak Peek: CAPTURE City Chic

sheena-s-capture-neck-as-br.JPGTwisted Silver’s new fall/winter SALVAGE line is almost ready and will be released bit by delicious bit each Tuesday during September through February.  And oh you’re going to love every piece!

Take a sneak peek look at the Capture necklace and bracelet. Soon to be available in antiqued silver or a trend-setting blackened brass, Capture will coolify any outfit with edgy city chic.  Simply streamlined with a brilliant statement-making toggle clasp, the Capture pieces will create a signature look solo or stacked with other metal accessories.

capture-necklace-antiqued-silver.jpg  capture-necklace-blackened-brass.jpg

Capture necklace in either antiqued silver or blackened brass for $60 


 capture-bracelet-antiqued-silver.jpg  capture-bracelet-blackened-brass.jpg


Capture bracelet in either antiqued silver of blacked brass for $40


Arriving to in September.  So lets hear it.  How are you going to CAPTURE city chic?