Metallic Twist on the Cocktail Ring

 angelina-jolie-oscars-2009.jpg  kelly-carlson-chanel-cocktail-ring.jpg


Cocktail rings define glamorous.  Stunning, eye-catching and all over Hollywood, the bigger and better is where it’s at.  HOWEVER, If you’re not planning to be on the red carpet anytime soon, Twist the trend with mixed metals and rock statement rings to punch up any look… day or night.


 punch-kayla-small-file.jpg scroll-kayla-small-file.jpg


Don’t be afraid to try BIG AND BOLD rings!  Contrary to popular thought, big rings create contrast to small hands, and large designs can slenderize large fingers, and give proportion to large hands.  Create interest and define your own personal style.

vibe-ring.jpg  life-ring.jpg

Try the Life ring this week for 30% off.  Or stock up on stackable bling rings on the Twisted Outlet page!


Break out of the small-ring comfort zone.  Try bigger and bolder.  Multiple statement rings on one hand, try a power ring like Large Knot and put it together with Swiss Army.   Don’t forget your thumb- they look fabulous decked out in a wide band ring, and don’t give up on those small rings just yet.   Stacking small layered with small on a single finger- and Wow, you have a statement!   

So, how are YOU putting your own TWIST on the cocktail ring?



9 thoughts on “Metallic Twist on the Cocktail Ring

  1. I’ve always loved the look of cocktail rings but haven’t ever really had the wardrobe to go with them. I’m going to have to change all that after seeing your rings. Love them!

    Oh and Pour Some Sugar on Me sent me over to say hi.

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