Edge is the Essence

Twisted Silver line of jewelry is dynamic, an ever-changing exploration in unique style.  Some designs are big statements, while others sweet simplicity.  However, the common thread that flows through the very essence of Twisted Silver is the EDGE.

The number one best-selling edgy design are the Beatnik pieces.  Unapologetically antiqued, asymmetrical, tag-in-the-front and chunky, the Beatnik – both the necklace and bracelet — has become a signature look for Twisted and a classic wear-everywhere staple for fans across the globe.


Another edgy fan fave are the Octagon Chain earrings.  A big statement softened with delicate chain, these are the earrings that can take you from day to night effortlessly and are a “accessory staple” to define a distinctive look.   


 How have you worked an edgy vibe into your personal style?


3 thoughts on “Edge is the Essence

  1. I have the tag necklace that I will wear for days on end without taking off. The big clasp is almost challenging, like, “come on, TELL me my clasp is in the front!!!” Love the attitude.

  2. I adore the Octagon Chain earrings- perfect for fall fashion! Pour Some Sugar On Me sent me to your blog and I love the ideas I’m getting on how to combine your jewelry pieces!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of your Beatnik pieces — they are totally funky and so unique! By the way, I was sent to your blog from the Pour Some Sugar on Me blog.

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