Deb Says: Rediscover CHAIN!

img_4179.jpgTrend-setter and Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell says multiple strands of layered chain necklaces is a trend with staying power. Putting your own personal stamp on it is as simple as a stroll through your jewelry box – or your mom’s or bff’s – to see what’s not being worn.  Pull it out (untangle it!) and look at it with a new chic appreciation following these fashionable considerations from Deb:


For the most part, look for over-all balance.  That means wear large chain with large chain, small with small.  A stack of delicate chains can make as big of a sensation as a single big chunky piece.


Remember to mix up golds with silvers.  Find an old piece that is tarnished?  Forgo the polish and flaunt the antique patina!  Wearing both antiqued and shiny together really does work just as well as pairing shine with shine and antique with antique.  Blackened metals are smokin’ hot right now and look fabulous with shiny or antique finishes.  


Don’t forget those old pearls.  Twist them together with chain, or wear them long and lean along with a substantial chain.  The glamorous-yet-edgy look will turn heads!


Remember how big Native American Liquid Silver strands were in the 80’s?  Dust them off, because these look great anyway you mix them up. Delicate chain or hefty, these strands have multiple personality!  Check eBay if Mom won’t part with hers.



Get more than one look out of your chains.  Use your hefty long chain or multi-connected chains strands as BELTS.  A chain belt can go miles to update your wardrobe!  Take your favorite chain necklace and wrap it for a layered choker.   Transform your chokers into multi-wrapped bracelets.


Chain is uber chic and oh so current.  You can take it to a rocker/edgy place or a sweet delicate look.  How will you redisover chain?


4 thoughts on “Deb Says: Rediscover CHAIN!

  1. I love the contrast of the blackened metals with shiny silver, or the softer hues of copper or a rose gold. It is an exciting time in the jewelry world, there are so many options for mixing and matching pieces.

    Your pieces are stunning, and have such an authenticity. Great job!

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