Moms and Daughters Rock Twisted

Twisted fans come in all ages.  Share your Twisted with your pre-teen/teen daughter and hope that you get it back!  Better yet, bookmark these exceptional generation-hopping designs that make perfectly adorable adornments for girls and sophisticated mamas alike: 

Instinct Chic in antiqued silver or brass…



Daughters: Wear it solo and look sweet.

Moms: Stack with a long and lean chain for a stunning statement

Instinct Tag necklace 15”in brass or ant silver…



Daughters: Rock it as a choker with the tag and clasp in front for edgy cool your friends will envy!

Moms: Double-wrap for a bracelet or connect TWO for a funky long chain.

Bling Rings



Check out the Bling Rings on the Twisted Outlet!  Moms and daughters can mix, match and stack for a bit of finger drama and at an amazing price.

Now that you know how ageless Twisted can be, get your camera charged up and your home runway ready.  We want to see how girls and moms rock Twisted!  Post your Mother/Daughter Twisted-rockin’ picture on the Twisted Facebook site and show everyone how it’s done.


2 thoughts on “Moms and Daughters Rock Twisted

  1. I love the idea of sharing Twisted jewelry with a mother and daughter. Now that i am a grand mother – i want to share with my daughter and her daughter. What a wonderful tradition that would make.

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