Five Reasons to LOVE Brass

Brass is the smokin’ hot jewelry metal of choice, as seen by Twisted Silver’s crazy-popular Peace&Love designs.  And really, what’s not to love?  Check out these five really good reasons to LOVE brass…

1.  Brass finishes first:

          From blackened and antiqued to polished and shiny, brass is available in a wide spectrum of finishes.  All finishes warm skin tones, making brass so easy to wear.  It exudes an earthy natural feel that works with you.  Polished up to a gloss or rough and raw, brass finishes first. Check out the Stage bracelet and the Tre necklace.

stage-bracelet.jpg tre-necklace.jpg

2.  Brass is ever-changing:

          Brass is a living metal that reacts with air, water, heat and time to create GORGEOUS patinas!  Don’t even think about polishing your brass jewelry.  Your unique piece is a one-of-a-kind artwork and will be an ever-changing source of inspiration.  No two Gypsy necklaces are alike!



3.  Brass is expressive:

          Edgy or heirloom, delicate or bold, brass can accent a myriad of looks.  Add the Justice Cuff to a simple blouse to introduce a statement of strength.  Or add the Athena cuff for an interesting vintage hinting.


Justice Cuff Athena

4.  Brass is inexpensive:

          Gold is getting more and more expensive… brass is not.  Brass allows the fashion savvy to explore statement sizes and chunky chain without breaking the bank.  It’s rugged nature holds up for years where the softer gold may scratch and bend.  See the Scroll ring and the Phatty bracelet.


scroll-brass-ring.jpg  Phatty Bracelet

5.  Brass plays well with other players:

          Metal mixing is all the way in, and brass blends beautifully with other metals.  But also try blending brass with wood, leather and beading for effortless layering and stacking.




Try on a little brassy attitude this week for your own personal style!  As always, you comments are welcomed.  How do you rock BRASS?


5 thoughts on “Five Reasons to LOVE Brass

  1. I love brass. It is all over my house and I even wear some inexpensive brass jewelry.

    The problem of course is it tarnishes and need to be cleaned regularly.

    But when shined up it looks great an attractive to look at

  2. Great blog post!!
    Honestly I really hadn’t considered wearing brass until I came in contact with Twisted-Silver. I have become pretty obsessed with mixing metals. I wear my Phatty necklace everyday and I am not ‘that girl’ to do that. Happy happy I am with my brass! Oh and I wear it with everything. From my LBD to t-shirts and jeans.

  3. Brass has always been my favorite! I especially love the Phatty bracelet!!
    By the way, SevEn cLoWn CirCuS sent me here today!

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