Get the Look: Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage is the look to have.  Just take a look at America Ferrera.  She may be Ugly Betty on the hit ABC show, but she is nothing but gorgeous in her modern vintage style!



And according to next week’s Modern Vintage Chicago Fall Fashion and Jewels Explosion event:

“When Modern & Vintage fuse, look out for fireworks!  Glam. Metro to retro. Historic perspective and trend setting aesthetics, that’s the look of the moment” 

Ready to rock Modern Vintage?  Twisted does Modern Vintage like no other.   Lets explore…


Hepburn earrings take you to old Hollywood glamour in an antiqued gold-on-brass heartbeat or pay homage to the jazzy twenties with the Cotton Pod Opera earrings




Pull in the flavor of old Eastern Europe with the Old World necklace worn double-wrapped as a choker or opened up for a long-lean look.


 oldworld-3.jpg oldworld-2.jpg


Ancient Greco-Roman design never looked so chic with the statement-sized Scroll ring in either silver or brass.


scroll-silver-ring.jpg scroll-brass-ring.jpg 


How will you grab the Modern Vintage trend?

4 thoughts on “Get the Look: Modern Vintage

  1. I think I’m partial to the scroll ring in brass and the Hepburn earrings 🙂 And I love the look of the necklace long – that would be perfect for a holiday party! Oh and Angie from Seven Clown Circus sent me, but I’ve been here before 😉

  2. I love the scroll ring in brass. So unique!

    Came by from Angie’s 7 Clown Circus! But, already am a TS addict and subscribe to your blog!

  3. I saw the Hepburn earrings & my mouth fell open! I am completely in love with the Old World Necklace! I came by way of Angie’s 7 Clown Circus & have also subscribed to your blog!

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