Get the Eclectic Look

Eclectic Necklace

Eclectic Necklace

What girl didn’t have a box of collected treasures?  Polished stones, shiny beads, trinkets, and shells that held eclectic memories of adventures.  Recreate that feel into your grown-up personal style with Twisted Silver’s new Eclectic necklace.  

Eclectic is a kitschy collection of vintage inspired trinkets pulled together with asymmetrical brass chain.  Rich colors style-ready for your fall wardrobe, this one-of-a-kind piece is sophisticated with enough irreverence to make your boho look just a touch edgy.
Sydne Summer, Los Angeles-based fashion editor, blogger and TV fashion commentator, is loving the Eclectic necklace!  See the two different looks she styled for Eclectic at Think Thru Fashion.

How are you strutting the eclectic look this week?  Love your comments!


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